Milk, IGF-1 and Hypertrophy

I stumbled upon this study supporting an association between milk consumption and IGF-1 concentration.
Is that relevant to muscle growth ? Can I just do GOMAD and turn into Phil Heath ? (I suspect it’s not the case, just want to understand more about the subject).



Worth watching: (It’s 5 mins long)

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I believe that consuming products containing IGF-1 is not going to be super effective: as a peptide (a peptide is essentially a protein… its a chain of several specific amino acids) it will be digested like a protein and broken down into amino acid, it won’t stay as IGF-1.

That’s why insulin and growth hormone (among others), which are other peptide hormones, have to be injected and cannot be taken orally.

A friend of mine worked as a chemist in the agricultural field (specifically milk products) and wanted to make a whey protein that was very high in IGF-1 (from cow colostrum). He gave me two 5lbs tubs to try and I saw zero difference in muscle growth.

IGF-1 is very anabolic… when it’s produced by your own body and thus is active.