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Milk: Good or Bad?

I’m not gonna lie I’m a skim milkaholic. I drink over a gallon a day. One reason is because it tastes so DAMN good to me and the other is for it’s nutritional benefits (120 grams of protein). It’s lipogenic properties seem to be unclear from the research I’ve done. I am currently trying to gain lean mass with VERY little to no fat gain. I find it hard to drink Protein Shakes w/o milk and my oatmeal tastes “funny” w/o it as well. BUT…If you guys tell me to cut out the milk…I…I w…I wi…I wil…I will.

“Milk is for babies…when you grow up you drink beer”…Arnold Schwarzenegger(Pumping Iron)

it depends…

if you don’t have tolerance problems or gain fat by drinking that much milk sugar than go for it.

some others may have a more scientific answer for you.

If I drink any amount of milk I seem to put of fat very easily. I guess it’s an individual thing.

Gotta back you up on this one man, good Q. I drink anywhere from 5-7 gal./wk. How bad am I kicking my ass when it comes to leanness?