Milk: Good Nutrition?

I’m just curious: for those of you who avoid
milk, do you still consume milk-derived
protein powders/products? Reason I ask is
because if you are going to criticize cows
milk as being unnatural for humans to consume,
wouldn’t the same apply to cow milk derived
proteins? Because there are a number of
specific protein components and other
compounds that are found in cow dairy protein
products that are not found in human milk
protein. So it seems to me that if you are
going to criticize or eliminate milk, then you
would have to say the same about dairy protein
products as well. (Well actually for that
matter, no mammals consume milk as adults at
all, so that itself may be incorrect.) Or am I
missing something? Or are you of the opinion
that the protein components of cow milk are
all OK, but that it’s just the lactose
component of milk that is inappropriate? Not
trying to criticize your views, I’m just
trying to understand. Eating cow dairy
products at all has always made me nervous,
especially as an adult. But I haven’t yet
found specific evidence to discourage it -
except that some people can have negative
immunological reactions to certain dairy
proteins. (And also lactose intolerance,
of course.)

Also, just wondering, for those of you who
avoid dairy products completely (including
the protein powders), what do you consume as
a protein source post-wkot? Egg white protein

I avoid milk because it wrecks my system in no time. I do consume small amounts of butter, cheese about once a mounth, and casein and whey powder on a regular basis but these foods don’t seem to have a negative impact on my health (perhaps due to the absence of lactose?), at least no anything that i’ve noticed yet.

Maybe you could read these articles and tell me if you think it’s worth it.

Dr. Mercola's Censored Library (Private Membership) | Dr. Joseph Mercola | Substack Diet/milk/no_milk.htm 2000/feb/27/no_milk.htm

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I finally had to respond to this thread…and I agree with FE’s line of thought. Though I don’t drink milk, I consume all other dairy products. And to those that claim it’s unnatural to drink milk “because we aren’t calves” but it’s ok to consume bovine based whey/casein protein products because human milk contains whey and casein is incorrect. Though it’s true both bovine and human milk contain whey and casein, the peptides are completely different. And a bigger problem with some is not lactose intolerence but an allergy to bovine casein. But humans can have allergies to practically anything…so it’s not just milk. And the real reason for lactose intolerence is because modern pasteurizing inactivates all the natural enzymes in the milk. Lactose intolerence is not a problem with raw milk. And as far as humans “not designed to drink milk”…humans have domesticated animals (goats, sheep, reindeer, cows, etc) for dairy purposes for thousands of years…read the Bible for starters. The only reason ancient man didn’t drink a lot of milk was because of no refrigeration…that is why they invented cheese and yogurt…to store their milk for later consumption. And as far as saying humans shouldn’t drink milk because other mammals don’t…you could make that lame argument about any food we eat. Milk has been a food staple for as long or longer than any other foods we eat.

“Milk has been a food staple for as long or longer than any other foods we eat.”

Heb, i’m sorry but i disagree with this statement. What do you mean “as long or longer than any food…”? Even if we drunk milk since the advent of agriculture it would only be 10 000 years ago. We have been eating meat, fish, nuts, some fruits and vegetables for millions of years. The bible is a pretty recent fiction novel, the time elapsed is not significant from a evolutionary perpective.

I stand by my statement (or was it Kelly’s?,i forget…) that cow’s milk is better left to calves.

I do drink protein powders as it’s virtualy impossible to eat solid all day, and i also eat 30% of the calories in my diet as grains, but this is a sacrifice i make in order to maximize my muscle gains. If i could do without them i would.

I’m sure i would be a healthier person if i did go on a paleo kind of diet, with no grains or dairy and only ate grass fed beef. For now it is not possible. Eventually it will be.

I’m not disputing that some cann’t tolerate dairy (apparently such as you)…if you reread my post, I pointed out that some are allergic to bovine casein…but my point is that just because a few are allergic/nontolerent doesn’t mean the rest of us need to avoid dairy anymore than just because a few are allergic to say peanuts,etc,etc,etc that we all should avoid those foods…there wouldn’t be any foods left. You’ll probably find at least 1 person allergic to almost any food available. And many foods are much more modern than dairy. I believe every statement I made was true and accurate within the context made. Anyway, IMO, what’s really unfortunate is your belief the Bible is a “fiction novel”. Archaeology has already proven much of the Bible. Good luck.