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Milk-Free Shake Ideas


So pretty much I had surgery on Tuesday (UPPP w/ tonsils, septoplasty, turbinectomy; sleep apnea related stuff). Hurts like nothing else but I'm dealing with it. Problem I'm having is getting protein (and just overall calorie intake in) - I figured I would just use whey shakes and would be okay, but adding milk is creating a film that coats the back of my throat and has me swallowing a lot more often than I would like to.

I'm making every effort I can to avoid shrinking up (obviously I'm going to a bit), and was wondering if you guys had ever tried any calorie-dense shakes that tasted good while not being too thick.

I tried adding olive oil and whey to just water, but it tasted like shit and the olive oil burned. I would appreciate any ideas!




MD Complete is the best I’ve found.

Both chocolate and vanilla are good, but I usually go with chocolate, and occasionally throw in some PB for extra cals.


Try melting some coconut oil and using that instead of olive oil. Be careful not to have the water too cold or the oil will solidify quickly. Not the best, but it’s a lot better than water + olive oil.


yeah just mix up the shakes, add some maltodextrin if you have any, etc. Milk can cause mucous production like you noticed. juice as well; when i had my tonsils out it was heaps of whey shakes, and heaps of glasses of fruit juice (preferablly like apple or whatever that isn’t acidic and doesn’t hurt).


Thanks for the tips guys… I’m gonna see about sending someone out to shop for me tomorrow; hopefully it will help.


Just use water and frozen fruit. I usually use two scoops (whatever protein you like) w/ some frozen strawberries, bluberries, and/ or bananas. Use a hand blender and go at it until smooth. Taste is great (fruit smoothy). Even my young girls drink them up.