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Milk / Fish Oil Questions


A two part question. I'm 188Lbs, 6"3, not ripped. yet.

  1. I throw in about 2 sometimes 3 Whey shakes p/day in my diet just to up the protein a little. I drink those with low fat milk. Now that's about 500ml p/day. Is this an excess, something to concerned about? Don't believe I'm expecially lactose intolerant.

  2. For fat intake, I take omega3 fish oil caps, each contains 300mg EPA+DHA. What then is a good RDA?

Thanks in advance.


How many grams is 500 ml of protein? You would know by now with this diet if you were lactose intolerant or not - which, btw, has nothing to do with the protein. It sounds like this should be fine, unless the shakes are a few liters each.

I've heard up to 6 g of those is okay. You should be able to take, then, 20 pills without issues. 20 may be overkill... I usually take a couple grams per day.


If allergies and intolerances are not issues, 500cc (2 cups) of skim milk is not too much - especially for someone looking to gain muscle mass and consuming it in a shake. Even twice this amount (4 cups) is common among many athletes. If dairy is a concern, adding 50/50 water with the milk is an alternative for some people.

Regarding fish oil, "official" recommendations are about 500-1000mg of EPA+DHA daily (a half to one gram per day) but many studies use a dose closer to 2-4g of EPA+DHA combined. Six grams of straight EPA+DHA (the "active ingredients in fish oil) is getting pretty high. Fatty acids are powerful and we need a level of respect for not overdoing them.