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Milk + Eggs + Yogurt + Whey = Nitrean?


So far I've been using whey as my pre and post workout source of protein (and sometimes snacks). But I've been doing some reading and I want to switch my post workout to a protein blend. I've heard great things about Nitrean, but if it costs roughly $55 to get a 4.6lb tub, it costs more than half of that to ship the thing to Canadianistan.

So I was thinking of having my regular whey shake (which i make with 2% or whole milk) while i eat some fried or boiled eggs, or just drop a few whole raw eggs in my shake. Would that be a good Nitrean replacement until I can figure out how to grab my hands on some Nitrean?



Any particular reason you need several different proteins post w.o.?
Stick to quick digesting proteins post w.o.
Have the blend during the day or before training.


Why do people think of this stuff?


to piss you off of course!


I dont even know what's in nitrean, but if you you're doing your whey in milk, you're already getting a little bit of casein (like 80% of milk's protein is casein). And while slow digesting protein might be incrementally better in some cases, if there's any time a faster protein is good, it's around your workout.

I wouldn't sweat it too much if the cost is so prohibitive. You general idea of "eat food post workout" sounds pretty good though.


Eating a big meal will do more for you than any shake.


Not true in all circumstances. But yea for the most part this is true.


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And I think somewhere on the Internets Alan Aragon recommended a protein blend as well (well, whole foods and blends).


Extremeley generalized statements like this are worthless.


Uncooked egg protein does not absorb particularly well, so dropping a couple into your shake is probably not ideal exposes you to a small risk of salmonella.