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Milk Consumption

With all the protein shakes and mass gainer stuff I’m taking, I noticed I drink about 5 cups of milk a DAY! Is this a problem while taking mag 10? Should I cut down on my cow juice?

It’s normal for somebody to drink 4L (a gallon) a day when they’re gaining weight. Unless you’re lactose intolerant or something, 5 cups sounds ok. (btw how much is 6 or 7 quarts in litres?)

i drink a gallon… no problem… unless youre not drinking skim. JMB says it has a high insulin index… i dont care I love it still

Most good quality shakes don’t need milk, just water. Try some Grow and dump the discount chalk dust.

…Unless you’re just adding milk for extra cals and it doesn’t make you fat like it does many others (inluding me sadly.)

i would think skim milk would be ideal while on mag10. lots of carbs and protein, which is what you need.

I drink a gallon of skim milk a day too. Milk is an excellent though underrated protein source.

Where is lactose on the glycemic index?