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Milk Carb Storage?

i’ve been using the search engine and answered my question regarding how fructose is stored in the liver and not muscles and have heard milk brought into the topic as well, but not been able to find to much on that. So how does our body handle and store the carbs in milk, similiar to fructose or starchy carbs?

sorry if this has been answered but im just trying to maximize my cut.

fructose can be converted to glucose for use.

as far as lactose in milk goes, in the small intestine lactase breaks lactose into galactose and glucose. these monomeric units are absorbed. Galactose is preferentially(like fructose) converted to glucose by the liver by galactokinase.

being totally anal though. all cells have the enzyme hexokinase. which CAN convert fructose and galactose into glucose, but it’s afinity for these two sugars are about 10-20 times lower, and its activity can be further inhibited by certain sugar metabolites i do not remember.