Milk Before Bed (with Casein)

If i am carb cycling, which includes not having carbs past around 8pm on low and moderate carb days, would a glass of skim milk with my casein protein hinder that at all? I know its not much, around 8g of carbs per so in a glass, I was looking for thoughts on whether that would be a bad idea for someone trying to lean out, while still gaining muscle and needing the benefits of casein protein before bed. any thoughts?

Well, it’s still carbs, and if the plan calls for “no carbs”… But as you mention, it’s only a few g of carbs (my resource shows 12g for a cup of skim milk).

No it won’t kill you, nor is it necessary.

The obvious solution is to go to bed by 8pm.

do the positive effects of casein and calcium in the milk outweigh the cons of having the carbs right before bed, if some fat loss is desired?

I use cottage cheese. Fewer (virtually no) carbs, more protein.

greek yogurt is another low-carb, high protein, nearly all casein protein choice

why not just drink your casein shake with water?

Agreed, what’s the problem with drinking casein with water?