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Milk Bad Before Bed?


SInce the insulin index has shown that dairy products, though scoring low on the glycemic index, are highly insulinotropic ( woah) what do we do about a bed time protein meal?!! I'm a bit freaked. Everyone says to drink milk before bed but that's kind of out now. Especially on a cut.
What do you think causes the spike? The lactose? One cup of skim milk has 83 cals, 8 grm protein and 12 grams of sugar! 12! That plain sucks. Does cassein powder still cause a similar insulin spike? Ya think? It is a dairy product. If so does that just leave us with egg powder and soy for a bedtime protein meal? Jesus. What about taking r-ala to blunt the insulin response or am I misunderstanding the chemical mechanisms of that acid? Acid. huh.

Help me out please. I'm sure others have had similar questions.
Thanks again.



Milk Bad Before Bed?



Why are people afraid of insulin? I could see if you are dieting, however, other than that, insulin is THE most anabolic hormone in your body. There are many skinny dudes on this site that simply need to worry about eating more.


Uh,eat fat with your dairy and it will lower the the insulin index of the food.
Before bed ,if you're gonna have cottage cheese,eat it with some peanut butter and/or fish oil.
Have 2% fat milk and skim milk.
Eat low fat cheese or full fat cheese,not fat free cheese.


By the way,cheese is 45 on the insulin index.
Thats actually low.


perfect. Thanks again.


Also drinking your milk IN bed can sometimes be a good excuse for those stains on your bed sheets :wink:


A 24ish oz glass of milk + 2 servings of natural peanut butter is my usual bedtime snack.

It's like 700 calories that you can consume in 5 minutes and let your body absorb nice and slowly over the course of the night.


I was under the impression that fat in the presence of high insulin levels tends to get stored. I believe this is something JB said. We do want insulin levels to go up after a workout when the carbs need to be put into the muscle, but at any other time low insulin levels are desirable. It just seems like the best policy. Am I wrong to think this?


I think it is oversimplification to think this. That same insulin will also help shuttle protein and glycogen into storage. Again, I feel this is something to be concerned about when DIETING or possibly to maintain a certain level of leanness. It is not the best way to gain size.


Wait a second, 12grams, twelve, is A LOT of sugar?