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Milk and Travel


I'm backpacking around New Zealand at the moment. Milk seems to be the only way I can get in the protein I need. Do you think 6-10 litres of milk a day will make me fat due to the constant insulin spikes?

I plan to be relatively careful about my calorie intake whilst I travel and just get the calories that I need to maintain my weight (probably around 3000-4000 depending on how active the day is).
Thanks for any help


Why milk? There are other alternatives that would be easier than carrying around that much liquid. Beef jerky or cans of tuna would be good.

Heck, take several small bags filled with Grow! or a whole tub if you can spare the room. Then all you have to do is carry water and you can mix your shake whenever you want. And you also won't have to worry about keeping the milk cold.

You may even be able to take hard-boiled eggs. I'm not sure if they have to kept cold or not.


Why would "milk" make you fat as if caloric intake has nothing to do with it?

Further, how do you expect to nail the exact number of calories needed daily to maintain body weight that specifically when your activity level will be constantly changing? That much walking and you think you only need 3,000cals to maintain? How much do you weigh? How tall are you? How old are you?


Milk is a poor protein choice by itself.


You should have taken some protein powder with you. Or at least try to buy some where ever you are today.


What is wrong with good old fashioned food? And by the way, are you hiking with a laptop with a cellular uplink?
How can carrying 6-10 litres of milk be nearly as efficient as just carrying a regular food source, unless you are hiking behind a milk truck?
And if you are following a milk truck, Is that realy hiking?
Does the stride you maintain throughout the day resemble the tubesteak boogie, or even worse-a riverdance?


Beef jerky is as dear as shit in NZ

Ya, its cheaper to buy a protein made from milk imported from the states into NZ than it is to purchase locally produced protein or milk

not bad, eggs are dearer than plain milk (powdered milk is cheaper here)


Using imported US protein is cheaper than drinking NZ milk?
Bullshit. NZ's fresh produce (milk and eggs) is very cheap by world standards. About 2 dollars NZ for 2liters? Cheap. And eggs will cost you maybe $1.50 for 12.

The locally made protein brands are cheap but imported ones like Myoplex are expensive. Buy them at a supermarket like Foodtown, not a supplement store.

Milk is a reasonable choice but if you are worried about the carbs, buy a tub of protein powder and a shaker, and make your own protein shakes with water. You don't need to use bottled water in most places in NZ either- the water is mint.


obviously your sarcasm meter is broken ?

Try $3

1.5 for 12? maybe if you purcahse directly from the egg man, but usually 3-4$ per dozen depending on what you get.


Okay, missed the sarcasm.

As for your milk and egg prices- where are you shopping? When I was last in NZ (January) I could get milk for $2.20 for 2l and eggs for $1.50.

Peace out


Why is someone from Ireland and someone from Japan arguing about the price of milk costs in NZ?

I find this very strange. Almost as strange as someone drinking 10 litres of milk a day.

I live in NZ and NZ made protein supps are cheaper than imported protein supps.

But why is milk your only option? It isn't like NZ is one big grass field covered with cows. Beef jerk is cheap. There are a lot of South African shops in NZ and they sell the South African version of jerky, it is cheap and really good. Canned tuna is really cheap and comes in lots of flavours, ready to eat out of the can.

And in my opinion, yes 10 litres of milk a day would make you fat, and probably give you digestion issues and stomach pain.


you understand that you can say your from anywhere in the world?



Pak n save

3.19 for Meadow Fresh 2l standard milk (thats countdown as paknsave dont sell much of it)

kapati or Pams is cheaper, but not by a whole lot (pak n save or their parent company owns a dairy factory)

eggs, same place... not cheap. Even the 'cheapo' mad butcher is around 2.5 for a dozen


Beef jerkey is so expensive for how much you get in NZ! I've only got one big bag - I did have protein powder with me but it's running out pretty quick.

I asked about milk because it's never in short supply - you can get 2litre bottles pretty much wherever you are. I don't intend to carry a dairy on my back like some of you suggested. Use some common sense before you type next time!

Prof X: At the moment im not walking that much. I'm following the rugby tour - the travelling starts in a couple of weeks. I was sitting on a coach for 11 hours the other day to get from Auckland in Wellington in time for the rugby game. Same again in the other direction soon so I think that 3000 calories is ample for these days. I'm not afraid to go up to 6000 calories on the busy days in a few weeks though - I'm 210 pounds, 6"2, 20 years old.

There are computers pretty much everywhere nowadays - I'm not travelling around a cybercafe or whatever one of you said. Again, use some common sense before you type.

I was just concerned about milk making my fat because the message nowadays is that body composition depends much quite a bit on what you eat and when you eat it rather than just how much of something you eat. I wondered if walking around with high insulin levels all day would make me add a bit of fat - I didnt think it was that bad a question.

I'm off to the street parties outside - countdown to kickoff is on!
All the best


10 litres of milk a day?

not even baby cows drink that much. Of course 10 litres a day will make you fat, even if it's skimmed milk.

my advise is to buy lots of canned tuna and sardines and boil lots of eggs.