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Milk and Sugar

I usually mix my protein shakes with milk to help in meeting my caloric needs. Just recently I noticed how much sugar was in milk. My question is this; is there a type of milk with less sugar in it or is there something else I can add to my shakes to get my calories up? I guess the real question is, how much sugar is too much per day? The only time I really try to add sugar is my post workout meal.
Thanks in advance

Milk sugar is half galactose which has a relatively low GI index, although it is only used to restore liver glycogen, not muscle glycogen stores.

Don’t get hung up on “sugar” consumption. Too many already view sugars out of context to the rest of their diets. Sugars aren’t necessarily evil. You need to look at the particular sugar in question, quantity consumed, other nutrients consumed with, and your goals.

So, if you can tolerate milk and have trouble getting enough calories, don't worry about it.

I just wanted to get your attention. I drink a lot of milk since Im a broke college student. I gain bodyfat and muscle pretty easy. I cut out all the refined carbs from my diet just to avoided blowin up. Now could someone give me some more info on the milk/sugar topic as well!!!

All milk has lactose. The lactose free stuff has lactaid too, the carbs are still there but with a digestive aid. Use water and add either or both flax oil and pasteurized egg whites (the kind in the carton). Those things give a good body to the protein shake that plain water just doesn’t have. You could also just add some berries to the protein and water, and maybe some cottage cheese.

Despite milk’s relatively low GI score, it has a rather high II rating. Be on guard.

You could read the two part carb roundtable.