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Milk and Sinusitis?

I’ve read and heard from various places that drinking milk can cause or make worse sinusitis. As someone who is constantly having problems with his sinuses (I’m never completely free of congestion) it’s worthwhile for me to completely cut milk out of my diet, and i plan to. However, since Metabolic Drive has casein in it, i was wondering if cutting milk from my diet would be completely pointless assuming i’d still use Metabolic Drive. I guess what I’m asking is does anyone know if it is the specific protein in casein that may be causing my problem, or something specific that is in milk other than casein (which is my hope)?

I have slight sinus problems when I drink too much milk. I doubt Metabolic Drive will play much of a role in sinusitis. I am able to have a small amount of milk every day without any problem. Your best bet is to try it out and see what feels best to you.