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Milk and Proteins


Is milk a bad source of protein? Would it be a good post-workout protein?
What are some other good sources of proteins?

I don't use powders etc., but I take multi-vitamins and flax seed and fish oil capsules.

Is peanut buter a good source of of protein? How about black beans? I don't hear people on here eating turkey bacon as a source, is it good? I have a problem, I can't keep eggs down, so I'm kinda screwed there, what are some other options I can use?


Milk is great protein is whey and casien.

others meats including fish, other dairy, eggs Thats about the gest of it.

Also Grow! the Surge post work out.

PB good fat not great protein.

Beans good carb not great protein.

Real turkey good processed turkey not as good.


That should help.

Fire back if you need something more on any of this.



Protein is protein.You body doesn't say" which is prtotien is better" every single time you consume the stuff.Just make sure you get enough. Milk protein is just as good as egg protein.Fish protein is just as good as chicken.


Thanks guys, that was extremely helpful. From the way alot of writers on here talk it sounds it's necessary to have Grow! and powders and stuff, but you both made it realy clear for me. If I think of anything else I'll post a new topic. Thanks again.


Am I the only one who thinks that a protein is not a fucking protein?


some proteins are better than others.


Read my friend. Read everything in the archives on nutrition and you will learn so much more than random people can explain to you on a message board.

But no, a protein is not a protein. The profile of amino acids, completeness, the digestibility, biological value, etc... are all determing factors on how good a protein source is.


Amateur teens ain't bad, either. :wink:


A protein is not a protein and some proteins are better at certain times than otheres.

i.e. whey hydrosylate is better post workout and casein protein is better before bed.



Some have more amino acids than others,but as long as it's a good source you're good to go.


The reason for this Finalyear is because Micellar Casein protein sources, like cottage cheese, provide a much slower release of amino acids than other forms of protein. Studies show up to 7 hrs, which make it a great choice before bed.

Milk is a great source of Casein, which provides a similar time release of aminos.

Egg Albumin is another great option that digests slowly.

Whey, then is the fastest absorbing of the bunch.

Just thought I'd elaborate a bit for you if you didn't understand why some sources were better then others at specific times.