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Milk and Pimples


God i love milk. From full cream to the light stuff from chocolate to strawberry milk shakes.
The one thing that keeps me from drinking milk is these pimples that pop up on my upper arms and shoulders.

10 years ago i was suffering from seveve acne on my upper shoulders and arms.i would never even take my shirt off it was that bad. I decided one day to cut out milk from my diet.Low and behold ALL of my acne cleared up.After all the money i spent on pimple creams and washes and even some medication eg- doxycycline and tetracycline nothing fixed my acne problems until i stopped drinking milk.

So for the past 5 years i have very little if any milk at all. But recently ive started drinkin a bit of milk again.Well 3 days later i start getting these big ass pimples and blackheads return on my shoulders mostly. So im going to just have to live without milk.The bad part is that i love protein shakes but even whey protein does the same thing as the milk pimple wise,so its kinda fuckin annoying.

So 2 questions if anyone knows or could help.

  1. What causes these pimples from drinking milk?? I eat chocolate all the time and neer get pimples from that.high fattie foods,nope all clear as well. Its just the milk.What does this white liquid have in it that my body just does not like.Ive tried lactose free milk but that makes no difference at all . Maybe Arnold was correct in saying milk is for babies.

  2. Apart from eating protein what other ways could i get some protein (shake wise) without milk products in them.

Thanks in advance

  1. you can buy egg based protein powders, also others like soy or hemp but i doubt that will get recommended above egg.


I'm completely ignorant as to how this works, but I'd normally recommend a) get off the steroids, or b) try lactose free milk (or lactaid).

Eating a shitton of white cholocalate might trigger it, while dark chocolate might not (less milk in it).

There are lots of other protein powders at there. Few are as good as whey/casein (but you could try casein, just to make sure, and get the isolate as it has less lactose in it than concentrate). Trueprotein, for instance, sells a baffling array of other protein powders, including egg/beef/soy/pea/rice/hemp/I forget. I hear some of them taste terrible.


Most milk is from cows that are loaded with steroids, antibiotics, and growth hormones. These then make their way into the cows milk, and eventually into your body. Most acne comes from imbalances in hormone levels within the body, that is why people start to see acne when they take steroids, as they throw their normal hormone levels off balance.

The same thing is happening to you, as the steroids, antibiotics, and growth hormones from the cows are making it into your body and messing with your normal hormone levels. However, this does not mean you have to eliminate milk from your diet.

Health food grocers such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's carry lines of milk that are from cows that are free of steroids, antibiotics, and growth hormones, similar to the way that stores are now selling grass fed beef. They are of course a little more expensive, but our bodies are with us for life, so whats a little more coin matter?

Whole Foods is your best bet to find high quality milk. Hope this helps.




A lady I work with is allergic to casein, so maybe your body is intolerant?


maybe you have a food allergy to milk


Thanks WC7 thats some good advice. Might try and find some of that milk that is free of steroids.


The quantity of hormones found in milk is so small that they are unlikely to be the culprit.

It's more likely that you are allergic to one of the proteins in milk. Casein is the most likely culprit, but you could be allergic to any of them.


Not true at all, there is plenty of published literature backed up by studies that show very noticeable amounts of hormone altering compounds in milk. Think about it, cows are being shot up with everything possible to increase their size and production, and you are drinking the milk that that animal is producing. The studies are out there, go read 'em.


I am in your exact same position. I realized milk and my acne were undeniably linked after taking an integrative nutrition course during the second year of college. I love milk, but, trying it experimentally to reduce my acne and finding it was a major cause (along with coffee), I gave it up. Low and behold, my acne vanished.

I cut out all dairy, with the exception of organic butter and whey proteins. My acne stayed long gone. I started to add cheese back in, still, very little or no acne. But as soon as I drank milk, it reappeared.

Interestingly, and to debunk some theories as for the cause of the acne, I was drinking some of the best organic milk on the market. This did not stop my reaction. I switched to lactose free organic milk, and still, an acne response. How can this be, I wondered.

I began to read about the history of milk, pasteurization, homogenization, and general processing. After this exploration, I tried some low-temp pasteurized milk that was not homogenized, and the acne response was significantly less than with even the lactose free (ultra pasteurized) milk. Along with that, my energy levels did not drop (something I had noticed with milk).

I came to the conclusion that the processing of milk was my issue, rather than the milk itself.

Unfortunately, there is no good scientific explanation for this. I am usually bound by research and good scientific evidence before I truly advocate something. There is only vague incomplete theory regarding why those who have milk sensitivities can tolerate it better with less processing. In fact, I have spoken to several lactose INTOLERANT people who can drink unprocessed milk without much ill effect.

After being lucky enough to have tried raw dairy, I do believe that there is some molecular alteration that increases milk sensitivity that takes place during pasteurization and general processing.

With raw dairy, I have no acne response whatsoever.

I am not an advocate of superstition in realms of science, I am simply conveying what my experience has been. If you have access to raw milk, and are a fan of the really intense milk flavor that comes along with it, I suggest trying it.

Nothing else has worked for me as of yet.


So then how come people don't get huge from drinking a bottle of trenbolone or testosterone? Forget getting huge, do you even know the bio-availabilty of oral administration of hormones that are prepared for injection?

What the hell is a "very noticeable amount"? Are you making this stuff up as you go? Experiencing hormonal alteration from drinking milk that comes from cows who have been given a mix of testosterone and estrogens implies that the human body does not break down these chemicals upon ingestion. Thankfully, that is not the case.

And btw not everyone who uses steroids gets acne.


While my cousin was attended Uni. he did some paper on the effect of food on acne. The results were that unlike what most derms will tell you there is a big impact. I can not quite remeber how it exactly worked but what he found was that when you eat foods like dairy or processed carbs and fruits with high sugar content (bananas) you spike your blood sugar. When it comes back down you continue to produce high amounts of insulin, this then promotes the production of sebum. It is sebum that then clogs the pores and causes acne. Also, this one I am pretty lost about but it was something about how high intake of oils or fat may cause acne due to the body purging/inflammation this can cause clogged pores as well. When he told me about this I stopped eating carbs other than veggies, fruits and oats before training. Except for the occasional pimple I have been clear. I myself cannot drink milk or any type of flax product. I do not break out with pimples but I get cysts along my jaw thankfully they left no marks or scars but I have not touched those products since.

With that said there will always be people who can eat what ever they hell they want and never break out, just like there are those that can eat all the time and not gain a pound of fat.


You may have an allergy, or as james said, it could be just the fact that the insulin response to dairy is causing your acne. I tend to think probably the latter. I doubt it has to do with the quality of your milk. In either case, I'd back off the milk, and regular whey. I'd try a highly hydrolyzed whey or hydrolyzed casein, around your workout time.

This hopefully will allow you to be in the clear. Just as a final thought, they also make some goat's milk protein powder if even the high quality cow's milk stuff causes issues. Good luck.


Interesting thread, I remember when I went on that 1 1/2 gallons of whole milk diet a while back my skin was some of the worst it's ever been. I've only been drinking maybe 1 cup of milk/day mixed with my oats for the past 6 months or so and my skin is almost completely clear.


I don't know why people consume so much milk. Humans are the only mammals who drink the milk of other mammals. Your body is trying to tell you something, thats why so many people are lactose intolerant.


I can go up to aprox. 1/4 a gallon of milk a day, then it starts to mess up my face. But since I'm 19, I don't worry about it.


I do.


Me too.


So, you gone from claiming that "steroids, antibiotics, and growth hormones" make their way into the body from drinking milk to claiming it's actually "hormone altering compounds in milk."

Please, tell us exactly which compounds are the issue, and the levels of each typically found in milk.

My guess is that you can't because you're simply parroting something you've read and don't have any real knowledge on the topic.


Again, you are wrong. Below I have posted the link for an article conducted by Harvard, that discusses and cites studies related to the danger of milk and the hormones that it contains. I am not claiming to be an expert, and don't see a need for you to get so jacked up on the subject. Milk contains hormones, and those hormones can create problems within peoples bodies. Maybe it doesn't happen to you, but your not everyone.