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Milk and Me: The Stan Darsh Story


I drink a gallon or more of milk a day and other food along with it but my appetite for milk is bigger then for solid foods(anything really).

So starting tomorrow im drinking only milk (aiming for 2400 to 2700kals just from milk)
and after a workout 2 bananas.

Trying to lose fat/weight this way and this is the easiest way to count calories.
Current weight 225-230 Goal-200-205

Anyone think this is gonna backfire?


You will probably become lactose intolerant, and then the creamy goodness that you once loved will send you running to the toilet to shit your brains out. Have fun.


Enjoy a bland diet and probably lots of digestive problems.


It's gonna sound like shotgun fire, if that's what you mean.
Honestly, I dont see it working. I'm with you on liking milk. A lot of people say that dieting down they just eat a smaller version of what they ate before. I think we have to draw the line somewhere, like milk. If you need help counting calories get some frozen dinners and count the numbers on the box, that's easier than measuring out milk IMO.

Also, I think the fastest way to get an intolerance is having just one thing, 24/7. I think this is pure lazy man, I gotta say. Just eat some real food, only babies drink straight milk.


Sheeeeeiiiit anything but lactose intolerance
Ill stick to my old plan of cutting out potatoes in all my meals, only 5 glasses of milk a day, drinking more water and limiting my carbs to 100g a day.

Diet chronicdiarrhea is a no go.


5 glasses of milk will make 100 grams of carbs real tough. I love milk as much as anyone (raw milk to be specific) but a diet of only milk?? Come on now haha. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Theres so many awesome foods out there...bison, grass fed beef, free range eggs, berries, spinach, almonds, butter, lamb, ezekiel bread....and I could go on.

Enjoy the awesome variety nature has given us! If your really freaking about counting cals start by just counting carbs (IMHO the macro that needs the most attention in terms of counting). Hope you don't end up doing the milk only deal because if you do I see a future full of depends, baby wipes, and milkaholics anonymous meetings, which sounds pretty damn haggard if you ask me.


thats like a bizarro cutting diet man, your just going to bloat and feel like shit


5 glasses would make 60grams of carbs and replaced all potatoes with beets carrots and cucumbers. Dont know how much carbs beets or carrots. Usually i drink the 5 glasses around my workout or during the workout. The worst habit for me is getting chinese food once a week and not sprinting like i said i would. Except for milk theres no direct carbs so 100g carbs a day seems doable to me. Also dont eat bread so that not a problem.


It seems better than all milk. You'd probably just be really hungry all the time. All the time you're not in the bathroom.


One of the dumbest plans i have ever heard of.


No offence intended, but since this is not me, I would be interested if you logged your progress/performance/toilet time if you choose to go this route...


I am a little confused on why you would choose to lose weight on something that you apparently have a huge appetite for.


roflol, i like you already


just don't forget to squat and crap


If you really want to go this route, goat milk may be a good alternative. I've had friends that have put massive quantities of the stuff away with no bloating issues/ intolerance. I've had a few days of more than a gallon of goat milk and had no problems despite a pint of cow's milk giving me the super power of clearing rooms. It's expensive though but if it's going to be your only dietary intake then it shouldn't be too bad price wise.

But otherwise, doesn't sound like a good idea.


Ill stick to my old 5 glasses max and no direct carbs. Any day i had more then a gallon and also had my normal meals my ass turned into a super soaker. Ill just do sprints and maybe fasted cardio. Last time i cut sugars and did an hour of cardio 3 times a week i went from 200 to 175 in 2 months while gaining muscle. But that was noob gains and at that time i trained 3-4 times a week for 3 hours each day thinking the more the better.

So cutting direct carbs, limiting milk to 5 glasses, Doing 80 pushups and 50 pullups 3 times a week and sprinting as cardio should be not bad as a cutting plan, right? I wanna see abs from this program just to see what im working with underneath and cuz all my fat stores on my midsection. Plus losing some weight would help get to my goal of 15 pullups.


Carbs in milk are 'indirect' carbs?


I mean that drinking milk also has protein and fat not like eating potatoes or rice where its just carbs.


Lactose intolerance is different from food sensitivities, and you can't develop it by drinking too much milk. The ability to produce lactase enzyme is largely genetic but decreases over time for most people. That being said, there is an upper limit for how much lactose you can digest, and you would probably reach it if all of your cals came from milk. It's just like the sugar in apple juice. A little is fine, but a lot will give you diarrhea.


Diarrhea you say?
So thats my lactose limit.