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Milk, and Lots of It

I drink milk, and lots of it, but I am curious does one brand of milk make a difference?
I drink the generic super market brand of milk, when it is on sale, I buy the horizon organic.
I don’t think I notice any difference in the milk, other than taste.
Is there any difference in quality? Protein? Goodness?


How bout checking the nutrition facts.

There are likely some small differences in amounts of vitamins and minerals as well as levels of fats such as CLA, but other than that, there will be little variation.

Quite frankly, I would be more worried about the fat percentage and lactose. Go whole or go home.

There are some ‘reports’ and ‘studies’ that try to show organic dairy as being superior to normal stuff, but they are usually over-extrapolated or assume the absolute worst cases for normal dairy and the best cases for organic.

What I do:

I personally don’t drink too much milk (less than 2L a week), but when I do, it is a mix of organic and non-organic - I rotate through different brands also for the slight taste variety.

For cheese, I don’t worry - though I usually go with European hard cheeses so I am consuming European milk products which are a little closer to organic than say US milk.

And with yogurt, I usually get organic because I can get a 1.75Kg tin with 8 types of bacteria in it for the same price as non-organic yogurt with 2-5 types.

Sorry ABenns, I didn’t mention, the nutrition facts are pretty much identical, 9;4;4 fat prot carb, same serving sizes, generally the same macros, similar micros.

Thanks Peter, that is more the answer I was looking for, some justification to spend the extra 30 cents a gallon or not =0)

If your food budget is at least $400-500/mo, then I would get the organic stuff regardless of price. If the difference is really only 30 cents per gallon, I would get it regardless as long as you think it tastes better, otherwise, worry not.