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Milk and Juice

I was thinking about switching to whole milk while I start a new cycle in two weeks,aiming for the 500 lb. bench (raw).

I normally drink 2% milk for bulking cycles and everyday life.

Would the whole milk provide added benefit or would it be just too much fat?

I drink about a gallon a day with a shitload of water.

Whole milk, 2%, 1%, or skim milk - if it’s been pasteurized and homogenized, it’s essentially dead and useless.

I might take some flak over this, but one of the most anabolic foods you can consume is raw milk. It’s what the old-timers relied upon, along with raw eggs and cream. Vince Gironda once stated that raw eggs, in high quantity, were as anabolic as AAS. I won’t say whether he was right or wrong, but it’s funny that 50 years later, we’re learning that many things Vince said were absolutely true.

Anyway, your question is really a 2-parter. Are you focusing on a raw 500 bench as your main goal? If yes, then fat content shouldn’t be a concern. And, if your goal is general health and fitness, I would also say fat isn’t an issue. But if a 4% BF for competing is your goal, then milkfat might be a concern…

In either case, get the raw milk!!!

Raw milk absolutely kicks ass.

Is it significantly better for you ?? Maybe, thats up in the air officially.

But it is delicious, I used to have access to a local guy, Id get that shit right from the farm and pay him with a handful of bills.

I dont believe that pasteurized and homogenized milk is dead or useless, and I think pseudo-hippies are getting overly aggressive these days.

One of them told me that microwaves destroy the nutrients in food, and that it was a “dead” food, and that you couldn’t live on it for long.

I had to sit him down and take him step by step through how a microwave works, alternating with polar molecules…water…and how all the heat a microwave produces is from heating water through more or less friction.

Back on topic:

Whole milk is better than 2%, added calories that dont fill you up. And adding fats to your diet is “cleaner” than carbs for the most part.

I always drink whole when bulking, makes a big difference as far as Im concerned.