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Milk and Good Skin



Damn it to hell. Right when I think I learn that milk is okay and I can drink it without worry, I read this article that hates on milk. I am a very impressionable young-ling with some acne problems, so should I abandon milk altogether?

Don't I need calcium to build strong bones and grow big and strong?


Did you read the caveat that JB made at the end of the first page? It says that milk-based protein products aren't really grouped in there with milk, and wouldn't they contain calcium as well?

I might have to go back and reread it, myself. Good stuff.


Personally, I find that the vast majority of adverse reactions I have with milk vanish entirely if I drink raw milk. This includes breakouts.


Best thing would be to eliminate milk for a few weeks and see if it has an effect on your acne. If it does, use something else. If it doesn't, continue using it.


I'll continue drinking my milk, it's cheap as hell and the king of bulking food.

The only adverse effects I get is gas that could kill small animals, children and wilt houseplants.

Check out Accutane if your acne is really bad. Reducing stress is another option.

But like Reef said, you can simply try removing it and if you really clear up and that's important to you then you can live without it.


Be careful bout accutane, it has a list of side effects from hades.


I tried accutane. I know side effects vary from person to person but the only bad side effects I experienced were dry skin and chapped lips. Those are the side effects that 80% of the people experience. Less than 1% experience the big ones that everybody talks about.

By the way, I've cut milk from my diet, started taking a zinc supplement and megadosing on fish oil and it is clearing up very well.


I just read one of Thibs's Physique Clinic posts that talked about the negative side effects of milk (insulin releases, etc). I never knew this. While I won't cut it out entirely, I guess I'm going to cut back on it, especially when I start my new diet next semester.


Apparently the majority of negative effects of milk come from the pasteurization process. I've read that it damages some of the macronutrients, mainly proteins. Defective protiens are one of the reasons for the body's negative reaction.

So, like Malevolence said, drinking raw milk will get rid of most of them. You get more of the natural nutrients in milk drinking it raw, because a lot of them are destroyed in the heat of pasteurization.


You have to remember as well guys that cows milk was designed for calves to drink, not humans! I like to add a pint of milk to a protein shake with peanut butter on my day off to bump the calories up but other than that I'd stear well clear of it.


Designed? Are you referring to the intelligent type?

Ok, I'm done trolling. But I don't like your argument. By your logic, salmon was designed for bear to eat, not humans. Not buying it.


hehe, i like that counter argument. think im going to steal that one from you.

that said, i too have read the "milk will fuck you up" articles out there and must say that when i do heavily eliminate dairy i really do break out significantly less. it's a quite noticeable difference. same goes with my wife, when i asked her to experiment by cutting dairy (and not telling her to rule out some insane placebo effect) for a month as much she could, she too didnt break out like she normally does.

granted, both of our families have lactose intolerance and her side has full on allergies to milk - it can be fatal to her father! he gets heart irregularities of some sort and these funny polka dots all over his chest. my wife gets 3 in the same spot, every time, if she drinks milk. weird eh?

on the other side of the coin - my college and highschool buddies used to go through gallons/week without so much as gas.


Yea it all depends on how the individual tolerates it. I obviously don't tolerate it very well so I don't drink it anymore.


"Ok, I'm done trolling. But I don't like your argument. By your logic, salmon was designed for bear to eat, not humans. Not buying it."

I had no idea Salmon are produced by Bears.
Because MILK is produced by cows to provide nourishment for their calfs...

..had no clue a bear could pop out a Salmon for its cubs whenever they were hungry, wonder what hole they come from?


salmon come from the bear butt, they slide out easily


How about honey? It is produced by honey bees to provide nourishment for their fellows, yet it's an excellent nutrient for us humans.


i keep telling my wife i produce something for her nourishment but she wont eat that either.


This just in: it turns out broccoli flowerets are designed to provide sun nourishment to the plant, not to be steamed, covered in cheese(also a nono) and eaten. Don't eat broccoli! It's not natural! Also, Chickens' legs are meant to be tools for the chickens' locomotions, and aren't supposed to be people food either. Stay away from drumsticks. By this logic we should be eating nothing but human milk. (and maybe man cheese) Long ago, my ancestors figured out how to drink and draw nutrition from cow milk(how dare they), and developed a tolerance somehow. That was cool.


This is why I only drink breast milk I buy from the local maternity ward.

In a serious note, I tried cutting milk out of my diet for well over a month to see if it had any effect on my skin- but in my case it didn't so I went back to the good stuff.


Well that's good to hear. Was it as super effective as advertised? Bc I get cystic acne and it drives me crazy, I'm considering asking about accutane or possibly some laser treatment deal.

p.s. I think John Berardi put it best, its not black and white, its not your either lactose intolerant or not, Milk invariably triggers an immune system response in people, just to varying degrees