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Milk and Digestion


I was currently adjusting my diet and was wondering if I wasn’t doing something wrong with my breakfast.

I usually take:
30cl milk
Wholemeal bread around 80gr
White eggsx4
and yagourt 0%fat.

My question concerns the milk. Is the it delaying the white eggs’ protein assimilation by the organism?
Because I am looking for a fast absorption as I just woke up and want to stop the muscular catabolism as soon as possible?

you’re worrying about micromanaging your diet, i doubt some slower protein absorption in the morning is going to significantly affect your muscle growth compared to consistent meals and intense training

That’s indeed true, but I already got consistent meals and proper training. So, I was like ‘what can I still improve?’

I just think I should put all chances on my side.
But thanks for the opinion (and the really fast reply too :-), its true its secondary though.