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Milk and Cancer?


I’ve seen a lot of studies claiming milk causes cancer and one shouldn’t have more than 2-3 glasses of milk. But to up my protein intake I’m planning to have 5 glasses of milk, 3 whole, 2 skim. This will add like, 38 grams of protein to my diet. I personally think these studies are supported by vegans because they usually bash animal protien all the time… But, I just wanted to confirm if there are really any health effects of having those many glasses of milk…


That’s a lot of calcium and potassium. When was the last time you had blood Work if you don’t mind.


Dont drink skim. Something weird happens to milk proteins when you strip the fat away and skim milk can be associated with cancer.

I’d much rather prefer yogurt and kefir since they don’t have as much sugar as milk and for sure go organic & grass fed (if I was to make milk a significant food source in my diet)


Fine, I’ll keep the quantity down to 3 glasses of whole milk and add extra cottage cheese to my diet…or maybe another scoop of whey. Thanks


You have seen no study claiming milk causes cancer. At best, you have seen studies demonstrating a correlation between milk consumption and cancer rates, but even then I imagine not.


Milk is for babies.


I guess all those guys that did the GOMAD thing are dead men walking!


I have 4 glasses per day…and that’s me holding back. I could drink a gallon per day easily.


Milk is not a carcinogen. However, there are several prominent studies, including the 20-year study below that are currently showing that many of the benefits we’ve heard about concerning milk consumption MAY BE categorically false. The study does advise a ‘cautious interpretation’ of the findings, but every study I’ve seen concerning bone fractures shows a higher rate of fractures in those that consume more milk. I haven’t seen any 100% conclusive evidence of this, but I’ve always drank a ton of milk and I’ve fractured my left ulna and radius, right ulna, right humerus, left and right metacarpals, left big toe and left index finger. I actually still drink at least a glass of milk every day, just not the 3-4 glasses per day I used to consume. Despite finding out that eating fat doesn’t make you fat - which goes against much of what most of us were taught our entire lives - I’ve seen more pushback against suggestions that multivitamins and milk aren’t what we thought.

P.S. You know what IS a carcinogen? Meat that’s overcooked. So I don’t care if you like your meat medium, or red as fuck and bleeding everywhere (yum), but if you like your steak well done, you’re eating cancer-causing leather. #randomselfrighteousrantover


There’s really not any good reason to consume that amount of milk. Unless you’re a baby, or a baby cow.


If your gut doesn’t object, it s the good mix of fat, protein and carbs plus lots of micronutrients in an extremely convenient way to consume it good enough reason?


I’m not anti milk. 5 cups a day is just excessive. Some of those 500-750 calories are better spent on other foods.


Well guys, I’m a lacto vegeterian…and I can’t derive all my protein from incomplete sources. Dairy is the only complete source of protein. I take this much amount of dairy throughout the day:-
2 scoop whey
100g cottage cheese
3 cups full fat milk
Is that okay ?
And yeah, sometimes I have the 3 cups all together, is that fine as well?


What about all the many legumes that are like jam packed with protein?

Days where I haven’t gone grocery shopping, I’ll cook a bunch of different beans and have them with whatever else I eat throughout the day.

A cup of pinto beans is around 35-40 grams worth of protein.


And if you refry them, add a tortilla, chorizo, eggs and cheese, you can up that considerably :wink:


You’re over thinking this. Drink as much goddamn milk as you want. I’ve been drinking between half a gallon to a gallon of milk nearly every single day of my life for the past 15+ years. And before that (before I started lifting), I would estimate that I drank 1/4 to 1/2 gallon every day from elementary school through high school. Never broken a bone, outside of a stress fracture in a foot. No ill effects to my knowledge.

I might die one day though. I’ve heard mortality rate is nearly 100% for humans.


They are incomplete protein sources. I imagine that’s why liftingaddict specified ‘complete’.

Quinoa and spirulina are vegeterian-friendly complete protein sources, but I can’t really imagine eating loads of quinoa every day. That wouldn’t be a fun experience, even for someone who likes quinoa.

EDIT: I should have mentioned, incomplete proteins CAN be combined with other foods to be made complete. rice and beans are a perfect example of this. so it’s not like you can’t get full nutritional value out of your food, even if you never eat a stand-alone complete protein source. you just have to be thoughtful about food choices.


Oh okay.

For whatever reason I completely forgot about incomplete proteins. So I had to google it for a bit.

Buckwheat pancakes would suffice too, well for OPs questions.