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Milk and Acne?

two major parts of my diet are skim milk and jiffs creamy peanut butter (i have an very high motabolism so the peanut butter helps out the 50 bucks a month i spend on weight gainer). I was drinking about a 1/2- 1 gallon a day, then i read that it caused acne, so i stopped drinking, ive only been drinking 1 glass of milk a day. that took care of my acne for about 3 weeks, but now its started to come back.

I know that its "normal" for an 18 yr old to have acne, but ive been to a dermatologist and have been but on multiple medications and decided to help it all out with alternatives that i have control over.
im wondering if its the milk causing it or if its the peeanut butter oils that are causing it, or neither..

the rest of my diet includes a ton of pastas, turkey, chicken, lots of steemed vegies. NO SUGAR, i stay away from processed sugars like they are the plague, fruit sugars and honey is really that only pprominant sugar in my diet.


As for milk and acne, research RBST.

Also, might look into Saw Palmetto Berry Extract (reference it to acne)


are you using natural peanut butter?


Drink Rice Milk.


nope im using jiff, i know its got a high fat content but its got the good fats in there too, protien is decent but i mainly do it for the caloric intake. im not sure if it has coconut oil or that pom- something or other oil, wich is horrible for you, and i just had a great leg day so i think ill just sit here and wonder about it than acually checking haha.

rice milk? no ive herd that regular milk has nutrient you can really only get from acual milk, i was looking into soy milk but rice milk is another good suggestion. anyone have any info on it




My skin is fairly sensitive to enviromental breakouts, and ive never seen any correlation between milk and acne, and i was drinking over a half gallon a day for about 3 months last year.

And i would stick with good old fashioned milk....but thats just cuz i love it, love the taste, love the calories, and am not a huge fan of soy.



A friend of mind drinks organic milk for this reason. It's more expensive.

edit - To be clear, the reason he drinks it is not that it's more expensive, but that there's less acne associated with it. He may have some mild lactose intolerance though.


Hi mate,

i assume you read the article here on a T-Nation a few weeks back? I stopped drinking milk completely, and have also started supplementing with ZMA tablets (zinc is meant to be good for the skin) and in just the last 4 weeks have noticed a big difference. i'd advise dropping the milk altogether and trying to supplement with zinc (or Biotest ZMA). Pretty cheap and it seems to be effective.

Also, don't wash your face more than twice a day (once in the morning, once at night) and try using moisturiser every morning as well.

Stress also effects my acne quite a bit.

By the way i'm 24, so to find something that seems to be working feels great.


but see thats the thing i really dont know if i should stop drinking real milk alltogether. im not sure of all the nutrients that it give, but i know its great for caloric intake and a decent amount of protien the only problem i have with it is all the sugar. anyone know of another way to get the full range of benefits of milk but skip out on the acne?


i dont drink milk and only use peanut butter on weekends, and i still manage to take in 7,000 calories a day. trust me you dont need those two things like you think you do.

to replace the nutrients i just take a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement and i do fine.

i also reccomend switching out the jiffy brand for some kind of natural peanutbutter.

eggs are also a great source of calories, protein, and fat. cheap too.


Weight Gainer shakes might be giving you the acne. Not the milk.

If you can handle dry skin, Accutane will cure your acne.


There is sugar in the Jiff peanut butter. Some "light" peanut butters use sweetener instead. You might want to try that.


This might be a little of topic but...

I have 2 bowels of cereal every morning. I also drink 2 protein shakes through out the day. Therefore I am consuming a lot of milk. I want change my breakfast to cut back on all the milk I am drinking to help control acne.

So my question , what breakfasts do you recommend that is healthy ,taste good , not expensive.

Thank you.


ive been doing a protien shake/ weight gainer depending on how i feel, 1-2 hardboiled eggs and rolled oats with yogurt mixed in. but remember if you are a caucasion male youve got high chances that oats are a food allergen for you and it will be hard for you to keep weight off.


yo dylan, i guess i had a similar problem but not any serious acne. in terms of milk I buy the Hood Calorie Countdown brand, I'm not sure if it helped fix the acne problem because i also supplemented with zinc, magnesium and vitamin E. Once in awhile i'll break open the vitamin E pill (it looks like a fish oil) and rub some of it on the acne and it clears up nicely.

I'd say stress is a big factor too, i notice that when i don't worry about acne, it's not there. when i stress over it, i break out more often. try to keep that in mind


Dylan, what supplements are you taking?


DylanJ, I wouldn't drop the milk altogether if I were you. Skin is an amazing "organ" that warns you when something is wrong with your diet/lifestyle. Don't be hasty to blame breakouts on milk. Rather, try to see what's wrong with your acne treatment, incorporate a lot of vitamin A in your diet, and most importantly, don't get impatient. Also, keep in mind that while ZMA's zinc is good for the skin, the alleged test boost can aggravate your condition.


im taking no2 (no xplode, dont bust on me i love the "hype") pure creatine mono, wich i switch to some brand name added sugar taste the rainbow crap, animal pak and then the regular, protien and weightgainer.


the thing is is that i see a dermatologist for it and am on medication for it, so imo i shouldnt have any. thats y i figured its my diet. im taking animal pak daily wich has a ton of your abc vitamins, and ill have to do some more research on the zinc, unlees anyone has a link! XD