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Milk Alternatives

Continuing the discussion from Supplement Advice for Size?:
To avoid further hijacking that kid’s thread.

If you could explain what I’m missing, I’m all ears. Seriously, I’m open to hear.

You said: “I would try hemp milk or almond milk rather than cow’s milk. Much more nutrient dense than cow’s milk.”

I said: “[…] hemp milk is not “much more nutrient dense than cow’s milk”. Almond milk is even less so; it’s essentially almond-flavored water with added vitamins.”

Cow’s milk (whole milk, not skim or reduced fat) is absolutely more nutrient dense than hemp milk or almond milk because it delivers more protein, fat, and total calories per serving. Admittedly, I haven’t compared them on a micronutrient level because that wasn’t relevant to the original thread (a 17-year old, 5’11", 145-pound kid trying to gain weight).

I think the disagreement from that thread mostly came from differing definitions of “nutrient dense”

Almond milk???

Crom will cast you out of Valhalla and laugh at you!

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Didn’t we have a running joke ages ago about badger milk?

EDIT: sorry, Chris. I don’t mean to mess with the thread

Lol I don’t recall that. Honey Badger milk? Drink that everyday and you’ll become the ultimate badass.

Pretty much. I tried getting at the difference between micro and macronutrients, but I think she had checked out of the convo by that point. (No worries about the hijack. I 85% figured this wouldn’t actually continue the discussion. Worth a shot though.)

Only if you drink it straight from the tap.


Honey Badger Milk is vegan too since the only one getting hurt trying to milk a honey badger is the idiot doing the milking…

To potentially add to this discussion, I’m vegan and I drink protein fortified almond or flax milk since regular varieties are pretty much only good (nutritionally) for getting cereal wet.

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Tried to stay out of this but couldn’t help myself… I think Huh nailed this one.

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That worked out well. It took all of 2 posts to get derailed :laughing:

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