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Milk Allergy?


I think I might have a milk allergy. I was wondering, if I cut the dairy out of my diet, how long it would take before I could tell if I am allergic or not. And if so, whether or not I SHOULD cut the dairy out of my diet. I've got several symptoms that could be caused by an allergy, (Post nasal drip, lethargy, I fart so bad I'm a walking fire hazard, and I've got dark circles under my eyes so bad I look like I lost a fight that I have had literally all my life.) But considering how much of my diet is dairy right now, it would probably be easier just to treat the symptoms than do a complete overhaul of my diet.


Are you getting enough sleep and do you have seasonal allergies?

Are you getting omega-3's?


See a doctor that specializes in allergies, so you can find out exactly what allergies you do have.

But for the most part, I bet that if you cut out all the dairy from your diet for 1 or 2 full days (including protein powder with milk products like whey) - you'd notice a substantial difference if you really are allergic to it. For example, much less gas, etc...


Gas is not an allergy symptom. Gas implies lactose intolerance. The two are not the same. That is why they sell lactose free milk.


That's another question I was wondering, what the difference between lactose inolerance, and a milk allergy is. I looked up a wikipeida article but wasn't able to make heads or tails of any of it.

I remember at a young age my parents saying I had a milk allergy, but I guess they didn't take it to seriously since I milk and cerial was the cornerstone of my diet.


A lot of people's parents tell them things that aren't quite true. Your parents probably didn't know any better either. Allergy symtoms would be things like swelling, difficulty breathing, or itching. Farting is not an allergy symptom.


Well, whatever it is, will a week off the dairy be long enough to tell it the milk is what's doing it?


Well, it doesn't really sound like you are going to listen or discuss anything, so why don't you just try it and see what you see and spare us the time of trying to come up with ideas.