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Milk Allergy, What Supps to Use?


Does anyone else here have a milk allergy and still use a protein powder? Ever since I developed a milk allergy I haven't been able to consume any dairy products and I react to whey/casein protein powders.

Is there anyone else here that can recommend a brand/type of protein powder that is not whey based that has worked for them?



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Posted before under "whey alergy...ahh crap". if you cant find it click onto my name "scholtz" then "profile" and do a "find all posts". when you find something about whey allergy you'll find it got covered pretty well. all the best.


Lactaid should fix that. Additionally, Optimum Nutrition whey protein contains lactaise enzymes and Isopure is lactose free, though costly and excessively rich in iron.


goat whey


egg protein , hemp protein , try hidrolyzed whey protein


Are you lactose intolerant? Or allergic. If lactose intolerant use lactaid.


I too am allergic to milk and all milk byproducts. I switched to optimum nutrition egg protein.