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 I have decided to join the military. I'm a student pilot with flight time already, and I'd love to finish my flight training or work as an aircraft a&p mechanic. What military branches would be my best choice?

I’m a little Bias, I was USAF for twenty years and worked the Flight line as a Hydraulic Mech, Environmental Mech, and a Electrician. I worked on F4’s, F-16’s, 727(C-22b), and Lear Jets (C21A). You can go two ways with the USAF. Join active duty Or Guard and Reserve. I did my first 10 years active and the last in the DC Air National Guard. I Loved every minute of it.

The Navy and the Marines both have alot of Opportunities to work on Aircraft as well. Best of Luck whichever branch you decide, and thanks for your dedication!

 Thanx! I met with the recruiter for the navy so far, although I'm more interested in the marines, and possibly the army national guard. I'm a little indecisive because I want to be trained as an aircraft mechanic, pilot, or air traffic controller for when i get out, but I'd much rather be carrying my m-16s and take care of business instead of being in the deck of an aircraft carrier fixing the fleet.
  Anybody out there who's been in the military with some advice?

First decide what you what to do, working on/with aircraft or flying them. Which will help you determine if you go enlisted or officer. I suggest that you get as much information as possible and make an informed decision.

I worked with a group of Marine Reservists out of Florida several years ago. They were forward air controllers or (FACs). Their job is to call in Aircraft and Artillery for the ground forces. While these guys were in the reserver their skills where so in demand that they spent almost all of their time either deployed or going to school.
Best of Luck.

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