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Military Training

I probably should have posted this sooner, but better late than never. I know a lot of T-Nation members are military men, so I just wanted to ask some of your advice. I ship out to Basic for Army this Monday…I just wanted to see if you guys had any tips training-wise that would help me prepare for what’s to come. I’ve been running everyday, and have already passed a mock PT test I set up myself. Any pointers would be awesome. Thanks guys.

Just get through it one day at a time during basic, and you’ll be fine. I’m a Marine myself, so while I’m obligated to tell you our boot camp is harder…which it is…just keep in mind, it’s only a couple months, then you never have to be in basic again. Do what you’re told, quickly, loudly, with a sense of purpose, if nothing else for the sake of your platoon.

I’d start with running, 150 push ups, 200 flutter kicks, 100 air squats, and 50 in-and-outs a day and move up from there.

You’re just going to get exercised to death when you get there so don’t worry to much about it.