Military Training and BBing

Hey guys in a bit of a delima hopefully you can help a bit. I am in the army i am a infantryman and the unit i am in lets say takes running, road marching and functional fitness beyond serious. Run 3-6 miles atleast 3 times a week , 6-15 miles road marches with 40lbs pack, and sprinting usually once a week.

So i am not heaviest muscled up guy by any means but i want to compete obviously as a light weight under 165. I am not sure how to diet for a show and still keep enough energy to keep up with my squad… i workout twice a day in the morning usually focus on endurance and conditioning and at lunch me and a few friends strength train at least 4not days a week focusing on oly lifts and compound movements usually takes about a hour… i am married so live off base so am not restricted to chow hall type food can pack whatever is needed. But am on a busget of sorts i am just pfc so dont make loads of money lol… any help would be greatly appreciated if you need any additional info juat let me know will respond Asap.

5 foot 7
175 lbs semi lean
Deadlift 415 for 2
Dips body plus 50lbs for 4