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Military Structure Flow Charts


Any of you vets or military enthuisiasts know a good web site that breaks down military structure in laymens terms?
I've tried countless times to explain to my dad platoon, company, battalion, brigade and division, but he just doesn't get it. I'm hoping one of you fine gentlemen (or women) know a good point of reference, diagram, or something else.


Did you check through AKO or the Army homepage yet? Or, it wouldnt be that tough to whip up a kwik line and block chart just to demonstrate basics.


Above is a link to Dept Army Pamphlet 10-1 that gives a breakdown of the organization of the army. In the appendices it gives a description of Squad sized elements up to Army sized elements. Hope it helps!

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Check this site out. It has all kinds of cool stuff:


Keep in mind that the Corps structure is a little different. We have fewer men per fireteam and fewer platoons per company. That alters the overall numbers a little bit, but the basic structure is the same. Ooh rah.


And just to confuse things, we also have MAGTFs, MEUs, and MEFs. LOL


Oh hell yeah. I can still hear the questions from the Marine of the Month board...what's the air component of a MAGTF? What's the ground component of a MAGTF? How does a MEF differ from a MEB? Haha. You gotta luv it!


For a picture of the chain of command of all of the armed forces, check out a site maintained by the Federation of American Scientists ("FAS"):