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Military/Push-Presses: Lock Out?

To Lock Out or Not to Lock Out?

That is my question.

Pros/Cons-- please discuss.

If it’s for Oly lifting, yes. Bodybuilding-style training, not important and maybe beneficial to NOT lock out. Maintaining tension and all that.

dont lock out your tris will fail before delts and thats not good on a shoulder exercises same reason you dont lock out on dips

I really can’t think of any pros unless it’s necessary to complete the lift like in a competition. The con like others have said is that you lose the tension on the targeted muscles by locking out the elbow.

I have much weaker triceps, so that’s where I always fail, so locking out was never that important. Plus, if you don’t lock out, you can also lift more explosively on the concentric part.

I always lockout. Tendons and connective tissue need the work just as much as the muscle so that’s my main reason for doing em the way I do.

Good points-- thank you.

Seems my sticking point for strict MP’s is from chest to mid-nose and I’m trying to figure that out. Partials from chest to mid-head?

I usually lock out at the top bring the weight down slower and controlled.

Sometimes for variation at lockout I’ll shrug the weight a few times, or do a few partials to the top of my head.

To target the shoulders more, is it better to keep the weight moving (ie no lockout and touch-and-go from the chest)? I find if I try to do that too fast, I end up doing push presses.

My Pushpress has gone up with my other lifts, but my strict MP seems to be stalling. Even my DB shoulder work is increasing.

Try setting up a power rack so you can do seated presses with the pins set at clacicle height and do your presses off the pins. You’ll be starting each rep from a dead stop on the pins. That may help when you go back to standing presses.