Military Presses


I feel SO stupid having to ask this, but here goes:

Are military presses (for one rep)

a) behind the neck and press up


b) behind the neck and up then down in front and press up


Type in “miltary press” in the search engine and you will find pictures of the this exercise.

lol…my bad…I put too many words in my original search…I phrased it like I would on Google or some other engine…

A true military press is with the bar in front with your heels touching and toes pointed out and chest up. Hence the “military” position. You will be suprised how hard these are because you can’t cheat at all. But most people consider a military press with a shoulder width stance and the bar on the shoulders.

B) Is what they’re calling the “Bradford” press I believe.

In front is regarded as the safest position in terms of preventing shoulder injury. Pressing from behind is still regarded as a military press, but I remember reading in an article that it is best to use a very wide “snatch-grip” to prevent shoulder injury.

You may find everything (photos and descriptions) in “Shoulders Overhaul” by Christian Thibadeau.