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Military Press w/Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Alright so my ortho tells me I “might” have rotator cuff tendonitis and bicep tendon impengement. Havee been on PT for a little more than a month and a half without any progress. I was told to avoid all weight training except lower body stuff and with that said, limited to machines; curls, extensions, press.

After reading Cressey’s shoulder savers, I’m going to begin training again, with a focus on pulling exercises such as rows, deadlifts, pull ups, etc. In his articles he mentions to avoid military press but also to do things that don’t bother you. The only problems I have are bench, dips, push ups. I have no problems with military press… so should i or shouldn’t I do them?

Sounds like you got issues when pressing on a horizontal plane. I’ve had the same issues at various points. Vertical pressing never bothered me either. My unprofessional opinion is to go for it, though you might want to start out with DBs since your path will be less restricted and it’ll be easier on the rotators.

Thanks for the input, I only have DBs up to 40lbs at my house which is pretty easy for me right now, and the my school’s gym is closed for renovations, but I suppose at this point with my situation I should focus primary on form and high reps.