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Military Press as ME Exercise for WS4SB


I would like to add military press as a ME exercise.
I should I go about it?
I was thinking of adding it to the Repetition Day, but that would give me 2 ME upper body exercises in the same week.
Would it be too much?
I'm using the WS4SB 1 template training 3 days a week.


If you want to use it for an ME lift, then do it as your ME lift on your bench day. Then do some assistance work for the other pressing muscles. You don't need to do it in addition to your ME bench work. It will likely help build your bench treat it like any other ME pressing movement you would do on ME bench day.


Answer your own question right here.
You wanna use military as an ME movement?
How do you go about it?
Use military as an ME movement