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Military Press as M.E. Lift


I searched old threads but couldnt find anything on the subject. I dont see many powerlifters mentioning Military Press as an M.E lift. What would be the reason? I could for see it helping my bench as I feel my shoulders are the weak point at the time. Thoughts or ideas?


The majority of lifters using and writing about WSB are equipped lifters and have found that heavy overhead training isn't as worthwhile as other max effort lifts.

I think there was some stuff in the old WSB videos (as in VHS tapes- super old) where they did max effort seated presses and pin lockouts, I know I've seen pictures of Kenny Paterson doing them.

I know quite a few strongmen who train on Westside-inspired programs that use overhead work.

Remember that just because something is a weak link, doesn't mean you have to address it with max effort work. Strength can be built in ways other than 4-7 singles above 90%. From a risk-benefit standpoint, you're probably better off using more specific movements for max effort and using military press as an assistance lift.


I understand. Thats been the reason why I have stayed away from using it as an M.E lift. The thought came back to me again so I wanted to get some of yalls opinions. Thanks man.


too...much...common sense...URGH


I just made a post about having a westside/ 5/3/1 inspired program for OHP..... i too was wondering the same thing


OMGZ I think the class of 11 will be a zombie class. Dude 5/3/1 has OHP as one of the mainlifts, what in hell are you talking about?


i have used overhead press as a me exercise. go gor it


pkiousis ive taken flat barbell bench out of my program..... so my days look like this
sunday OHP
Incline BP
weighted pullup/chins

Monday Deadlift

Wednesday OHP DE
Seated DB press
Db Bench press
Floor press
BB row and BB curl
Thursday Squat

that really works for me


the reason why i have the floor presses and db bench in there is because i stopped doing Flat BB bench but still would like to get SOME type of flat bench work in


There is no reason you can't do OHP as an ME exercise. When I was rehabbing some pec strains and could only do overhead work I discovered that the increased overhead strength helped my bench quite a bit. If you feel your shoulders are a weak point you could do it as an ME lift and then on the weeks when it's not in your ME rotation you could do it as a second exercise with moderate sets of 5-10.


I've heard various people to stay away from certain lifts. I spoke to Anthony Clark years ago and he said that skull crushers were bad on the elbows, there are some guys who say to stay away from the overhead press.

I started experimenting with using a strict OHP like this-
On ME days I'll do light OHP for assistance work, usually 6+ reps but sometimes if I let my ego get in the way I'll do a triple. =/
On DE days I'll sometimes work up to a 1-3 rep max in addition to the de work...so it almost serves as a second ME day but it's really easy to over-do it.

i personally don't see any reason why you can't do them if they don't stress your shoulders too much.