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Military Press and Bench Press


What is your 1RM Bench and Military ?
Gathering some data, % difference .
I use it to know if I have to improve something to balance evrything out some more.


My percentages are way off I think, but I have benched 355 and have only done a seated military with 175.

For the sake of data points, my brother did 235 military and 345 bench.


i havnt done seated militar presses in years, standing i have got a 195 military, and a 355 bench,


Bench: 265lb
Military Press: 175lb (standing, no leg drive)

I'd imagine seated numbers would generally be quite a bit higher due to not having to stabilize as much and because you have the advantage of the eccentric portion of the rep being first.


thanks for leaveing your numbers =)


265 Bench Press 1RM
150 Military Press 1RM

I might use military press as my main upper body strength indicator rather than bench press.


The article I usually reference to see if I'm balanced (in the upper body, at least) is this one:

For the record, I have maxes of:
Bench - 245 lbs
Military Press - 165 lbs

165/245 ~= 67%, so it's more or less right (Poliquin states that your BTN press should equal about 64% of your CG bench, so I'm using slightly different exercises, but ah well...)


Bench 365
Standing Military 245x2 at the end of a workout, I haven't really done a max


At the risk of being made fun of for my sad and pathetic bench press, I will post my numbers because I am totally the opposite of everyone here. Bench is a sad 205, standing military press is a somewhat more respectable 165.


I don't do seated militray presses i i usually end up contorting my spine into a coiled snake, however standing military press with no leg drive: 305lbs
Bench Press 465lbs. This however is not such an accurate ratio as i workout in a firehouse most of the time with no olympic bench, just barbells and dumbells and thick rubber jigsaw matting stuff and a legpress and the usual bench setups for dumbell work.
So we mostly do deadlifts, military presses etc..., anything we can pick up off the floor and perform.


Seriously, don't laugh
165 bench
95? military (gah! damn imperial, it's 75kg/45kg)


310 Bench 1RM
195 Military 1RM


Strictly speaking I dont think one can do a military press when seated. The original term meant a press while standing in a military fashion (i.e. at attention with heels together).

If youre gathering info Im sure a seated press vs. standing press will be quite different.
Also Im afraid some people will use the term military press to cover ANY overhead press (Behind neck or DB). So maybe you should define your terms if you want any data that is remotely usable.



60kg millitary press
90kg bench press