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Military Powerlifting Teams


For any of you guys/girls that are in the military, does each branch have a powerlifting team, and how do you get on the team? Do you have to get a total to make the team?


I've never heard of nor have I seen any reference to a power lifting team in any gyms i've been to. I'm in the USAF.


All the services have power lifting competitions. I don't know of any srvice that fields a power lifting team in international and national level competitions.
But if you want the real power - go see your local Marine Corps Recruiter.


Semper Fi!


No official teams but every place you go will have competitions.

The competitive athletics program is geared toward the Olympic sports (No weightlifting though). Here are a few links: (not very interesting though)




Although I am not for sure if each branch has specific teams there are competitions everywhere. We have had several over here while I have been deployed and they have had 2 large ones in Germany in the past year. All of these have been put on by M.W.R. though. Hope this answers your question.


A friend of mine who is in the navy has told me that the USMC and Navy have a joint team. I was just wondering if the USAF had one. Most of the comps. here on Okinawa are put on by MWR too or MCCS to be spacific. If anyone who read this is on Okinawa we are starting a powerlifting/ strongman team pretty soon, if you are interested PM me.