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Military/New Career Hybrid Training


I Am serving army and I am about to change careers as a prison officer. However I will still be an army reserve and be expected to maintain a sub ten minute 1.5mile run. And 8 mile CFT test I’m not sure I can maintain and improve my size and strength neccesary for the new prison job. Any tips ?


if your test is yearly treat it like a contest
keep conditioning in your program,sprints, sled pulls,pushes
2 to 3 months before test drop conditioning start training for test
you might have to alter your program ,maybe


Thanks for the reply ,I think I might give that a go , I just couldn’t see how I could do both but your idea seems pretty sound, thanks again


Its possible -check out Alphas logs( trains very heavy while keepin conditioning up for very tough counterterrorism PT)


Thanks I will check it out,I’m also going to get serious with my diet ,I’m having 3 or 4 cheat meals a week its not good lol


I am retired military and now contracting overseas, recently ran a PT test for a new job which included a 1.5 mile test. What has worked for me for several years is this:

Hop on a treadmill, set it to the fastest speed you can maintain for a quarter mile and then run that distance. Hop off, rest 90 seconds, and repeat for a total of 4 rounds. When I started doing this several years ago, it got me down to a 9:30 1.5 mile run. I’ve done it off and on since, usually when I need the conditioning boost. Most recently I worked my rest period down till I was only resting 45 seconds between rounds. If you have access to a high school track, that makes a better alternative.

Also, when I first did it years ago I would perform a set of 8 front squats with 185 immediately before hopping on the treadmill.

I typically do this twice a week, interspersed with my lifting days. I am able to maintain size and strength using this routine - keeping a double BW squat and 1.5 BW bench (in addition to other lifts).


Thanks for the reply I will give this a go on Sunday, I will report back how i find it