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Military. Maybe you can help me?

Hey Guys,
I really appreciate all of the valuble info that I pick up from you guys. Here is my situation. On May 22, I’m going to be going to the Navy. After boot camp, I’m going straight to the Navy Nuclear Power School’s “a” school, it is 3 months long. I figure that after boot camp I’ll have lost my strength, so I am planning on doing Ian King’s 12 weeks to super-strength and Limping series. I plan on taking Grow!(Bars, Low carb, and Reg.), Flax, Vitamains, Fish Oil, ZMA, and Creatine. I am going to go on a cycle of Nan/Androsol and I have Methoxy and Tribex to use afterwards. I think I may Buy Power Drive to keep me sane. OK… Now I’m going to be under intensive study forl ike 8 hours/day and expected to perform well. WHEN would you decide to use the Pro Hormones in this work-out series?

Check with your recruiter or onthe Navy’s website(s). Yo should be able to get a copy of the basic training schedule and the Nuclear Power School. If you only spend 8 hours a day studying the course has really changed. try eight to ten hours of classroom instruction and then you will most likely spend 4 to 6 hours a night studying to keep your class placing. Still you should be able to fit lifting into both programs.
Best O’Luck

Older Lifter, you seem familiar with the Nuclear Power School. I had a couple more ???s. Do you think they would mind me having a little refrigerator in there to keep my flax and cottage cheese cold? Will I be able to smuggle Protien Drinks/Biotest Bars (GOD COME OUT SOON< PLEASE) into the classroom to avoid catabolism? I have drained my recruiter or ALL info, as I have been in delayed entry for nearly a year.

Hi Kyle, I just completed the officer power school program exactly 5 days ago. Here’s exactly what you can expect…

The average power school student studies about 12 hours a day, but your study schedule will depend on how close you are to a test. Class starts at 0700, but expect to get there every morning at 0600 to study for an hour before class. Classes go for one hour, every hour until 1200, and then you get one hour for lunch. Class starts again at 1310 and usually goes to 1500, sometimes 1600. Most days you’ll have to stay and study after that until about 1800-1900, depending on how time efficient/smart you are. After being there for 12-13 hours learning the ins and outs of a nuclear reactor, trust me when I say that you’re going to be beat by the time you’re ready to leave. Don’t expect to be able to head straight to the gym and be focussed.

I strongly, strongly recommend that you take the hour and 10 minutes you have for lunch and hustle your ass over to the gym for a workout. It’s only a stones throw away from the school, so you’ll have time if you hurry. This may not be feasible for you, because as an enlisted you’ll be expected to eat in the mess hall during lunch, and if you don’t you’ll have to supply the food yourself. Of course, keep plenty of MRP bars and shakes ready… Ian’s program will be perfect for you, but I’d suggest you follow the program in his “Get Buffed” book instead, simply because it’s a little more complete (ab training, calf, and trapezius training included in the program), and don’t forget to stretch. Keep in mind that if you follow my advice on the lunch workout, you’re either going to really have to hustle, or adjust the volume down a little bit. I hope this helps, and feel free to ask anything about the program that might be on your mind.

is this like one of those engineering programs? what the heck was it called, NUPOC or NAVAC or somethin? some naval officers came to my school (engineering) to recruit people for this nuclear sub training program…i’m in electrical engineering, it seemed cool but i wasn’t really down for a 5 yr commitment

You REALLY helped me out with your post. I did have a couple of ??. Will I be able to keep the mini-fridge in my room so that I can store my Flax, Natural PB, Cottage and other perishable Items that they will more than likely NOT have at mess? Will I be able to get wholesome, Massive Eating compatible meals at mess? When do YOU think the best time during King’s program would be to use the Androsol/Nandrosol stack? I have 2 bottles total (1 of each), and 3 bottles of tribex.

I don’t know if the Navy tests for steroids, but Nandrasol could test positive for nandralone. Since it is not normally in the body it could take a long time to clear. Andrasol should be ok though after a week off. You just want to make sure that they are aware that you are using a legal product if tested. If anyone knows if they do test for steroids let Military know. If you know anything about government red tape, and if they test it might be a good idea to skip the nandrasol. People have said they have had good luck with using Andrasol in the morning and washing it off after about 12 hours so it matches the natural testosterone peak, and can be used for a longer period of time. I haven’t tried it myself.

Doug Santillo, thanks for posting and helping out. When military schooling demanded the most on my time, I used really short workouts, mostly Benches, Power Clean/Snatches, Pull-ups and Squats. You might consider melt down training to get as hard as possible. Bill?Chris? Will any of the products he is planning to use show-up on a test? Drug screening is conducted often on nuclear and other critical skills military personnel. I would hate to see he dropped from the course because he tested positive, just because he wanted to hold on to a pound or two of muscle. Military life is a trade off, you give up certain rights and freedoms, but you can get experiences and training that you cann’t get anywhere else. Just watch the balance.
Once again, thanks to Doug Santillo. You can help more than I can, please mentor this one.
Best O’Luck

So you guys that are familiar w/ the program are saying to devise my on training programs while in the school maybe? I mean, if I devise programs w/ ONLY the big lifts, maybe that will give me more time. I know that you said to Cut down the volume of King’s workouts if I opt to do it during lunch, but I can’t slaughter such a beautiful program. I was maybe thinking about just compiling several Macrocycles to do just to maintain until I get out of the actual schooling. I want to be in the top 10 of the class so I will be elligible for ELT (I know isn’t the ONLY way, but I sure like the odds of it better… plus I’d like to end up in San Diego). Anyway, I want a program that won’t hinder my schooling ability.

What are your long term training goals? Where are you now? What is you current score on the Navy’s Fitness test? Don’t be general. Measurable elements are needed here. Have you developed a long term strategy? And annual plan, macro and micro cycles?

First, congrats for getting in. As far as your goals for training, why not keep it simple? After Navy basic, you’ll have to familiarize youself with the weights again. Why not devise a simple, short program? Keep it to 30-40 minutes and focus on the big lifts. This gives you time to hustle, change, shower, and eat. As far as supplements, keep that simple too. The military doesn’t do tests for steriods unless they have suspicions (unsure of your particular schooling, but I doubt it), but why risk it? Keep it to whey and Creatine. If you can’t get a mini-fridge, just get fish oil caps. Don’t go over board. You have a great opportunity, don’t overcomplicate things. Best of luck in your schooling.

Kyle, I’m sorry to say that I can’t advise you on the refrigerator in the room thing. I lived off base and have never seen the dorm rooms. My guess is that you can, but don’t quote me on that. As far as the program goes, if you feel you’re knowledgeable enough to write a successful, brief program that you can consistently follow and meet your recovery situation, then go for it. Personally, I had enough time to get my full workouts in, between 12-20 sets per workout, along with a quick warm-up and 10 minutes of stretching beforehand, all in the hour and ten minutes during lunch. You’re gonna have to hustle, but it’s possible. Ian’s “Get Buffed” program is great, or you could try Meltdown training or EDT. Both are pretty quick, intense workouts. I would go with Ian’s program… Regarding the food, it will be pretty tough to get good “Massive Eating” style food in the mess hall. Most of the food is high starch/high fat. NOT GOOD! All I can say is do the best you can. If you can get that refrigerator in, make full use of it. Protein powders, MRPs, and flax/fish oils are going to be your saviors. I’d keep a healthy supply of fruits and vegetables in your fridge too. Most guys that enter the nuke pipeline are shellshocked at first at the volume of studying you’re going to be doing, so plan accordingly. Don’t expect to be able to focus all your energy on your exercise program. I’m sorry I’m not still there to show you the ropes in person, but I’ll be in the Charleston area if you want to give me a call. Drop me an email at drsantillo@hotmail.com when you get in town. Maybe I’ll be able to meet you for a workout. Good luck!

I don’t know how to specify my long term training goals, just that I like to use a mixture of Hypertrophy and Strength Training Cycles. I want to keep my muscular and bone structure healthy and uninjured. I like to lean more towards the strength aspect of training b/c I’m becoming more interested in Mixed Martial Arts (Combining Brazillian Jui Jitzu w/ Thai style Kickboxing). As for where I am now? I’m familiarizing myself w/ a lot of the moves that are new to me (deadlifts, chins, box squats, squats, Free-weight Hack squats etc.) I’m at 19% body fat right now, so My MAIN goal is to maintain and MAYBE gain some strength while shedding the pounds. I’ve been advised to NOT go on a bulking cycle until I am fairly Lean (10-12%). I’m happy w/ my results, but as of now I just build 12 week microcycles as my current one ends. I know I need to do a bit more planning, but its hard for me to project what my body will need in the far future, so I find that this method is o.k. as long as I put the time in toward the end of the current microcycle. Hmm… I guess my main fear is losing strength while doing this thing. As I said before, this is going to be my #1 priority for about 2 years, so I don’t want my body to go to shit… But if need be…

Alright man, I was former enlisted Corps and as far a bootcamp the training (physical) isn’t that bad but they really try to fuck with your head. I actually got a lot stronger and RIPPED just try to eat what you can. All your supplements sound good and as a side note you WON’T pop for roids with pro-hormones. They actually have a specific test for riods. Its expensive so they don’t test unless they suspect something. As far as school…military schools are jam packed with info. and labor intensive. I’ve been to three of 'em. I haven’t been to that school so I don’t know how big the gym is, but there might be an overcrowing problem with all the other students. On your salary man I don’t know if I would use the Pro-hormones until you can get proper sleep and a reduced stress environment. Hope this helps some. I’m out.

I already have the 2 bottles of pro-hormones, 3 bot. tribex, 3 bot. Methoxy-7. Should I still wait?

I know this is gonna kill ya because I know how impatient I am but, if it were me I would wait until I got to my Fleet unit. Use your time to finish with a higher GPA. Besides at school we had regular inspections (uniforms etc…)Then you have field day and all that other good military stuff. I would wait thats just me though. Whatever you decide use your free time wisely!

Hmm… an interesting thought. I have thought about that, b/c it is my highest intention and want it to be my priority to finish in the top 10. If I decided to go that route, would my body just rot away? What would happen to me? Would it be worth waiting, b/c it is likely that I will become a nuclear officer, and have to go through the WHOLE pipeline later. Thanks for your input, man.