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I posted earlier soliciting advice, as I am a bodybuilder about to enter the army-first basic training and then OCS.

I appreciate the responses i got-good info.

I just wanted to ask in general if anyone who has military experience or is presently in the military could post their impressions of their time, and how their training and diet tied in to the service.

i realize that this should not be the most important factor in joining the military by any means, but nevertheless it is a concern of mine, and im sure many of you can relate since we love lifting and working out.

discipline plays a big part. depending on whatever job field you go into, you may or may not have the amount of time you would like to have. field exercises, deployments and such suck up a lot of time but it is still quite possible to get your gym time in. the hardest part is making a schedule and then planning make-up daysfor those times where your schedule goes straight to shit. and just a side note, beware of those military units that frown on ephedra, creatine, or anything else taken out of a bottle that’s not motrin, they can make your life aggravating out of their own ignorance.

The first thing you may want to do is forget about trying to hold on to muscle mass in basic combat training.Depending where you go for basic you can expect to run every other day and muscular srtength and endurance on days you don’t run.If you are in shape you will not have any problems as the PT sessions during basic is geared for the playstation generation.Trying to eat right will be another story, army chow is not the most nutritious out there, you may actually gain fat.Running, push ups, situps or renegade training will prepare you IMHO better than HST. Soon as you graduate, your time is usually your own unless you get deployed then your time belongs to the mission.I never had any problems finding time to work out, the problem is motivating yourself to go and work out. RD (dimonsRtrump)

Well, i’m not army but i’m a coastie, and let me tell you, the chow sux! my meals usually consist of a whole plate full of mystery meat, and 4 little boxes of moo juice. After basic, keep all your supplements under lock and key. Don’t leave them out. They did a room inspection once and they saw all my protein and various bottles of this and that and thought i had a damn meth lab going in my barracks room! What else can i tell you, alot of times in the gym some idiot will tell me not to do something a certain way cause it’s dangerous. Happens everywhere right? True but here if it’s Mr. Humptysquat, your CO you can’t just tell him to dick off, you kinda gotta nod and say yessir. The key to it all is motivation and making time for it. I mean lifting is the last thing on your mind after 1600-2000 watch at the gate, when you’ve been up since 0600 and have been working about 11-13 hours straight and you gotta get up at 0330 to do it again. just some food for thought

10 years Navy.

Basic is basic. Food sucks. PT is a joke. Out of basic the thing will definitely be motivation. What was said before about watch/duty at o dark thirty, then missing chow, working all day and then working out…kinda takes its toll.

When in the rear try to get a daily routine set up. You might have to work out first thing in the morning or last thing before bed whichever just setup a routine and stick to it. Military life isn’t 9 to 5 but it isn’t all “Full Metal Jacket” either. Have fun and remember as an officer with no military experience you don’t know shit. Listen to your men and use your head. Croooz