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Military DC Training?


My question is whether anybody here is in the military and does DC type training. How does it work out for you? Any feedback would be appreciated.


I'm not in the Military anymore, but having served for 6 years I can't see how DC wouldn't have worked for me back then...I'm even in Iraq now working 80-90 hours a week and I still get DC done...

There is free time while you serve in the military.


My question was if the recovery times, patrols, watches you pull, all that crap, impacted the training to a great degree.


It depends where you are and what your job is. Outside of a deployed location the military job is pretty standard 50-60 hour work weeks. Aside from the occasional unit/squadron exercises that will have you put in more hours.

Even in a deployed location people have plenty of time to do the things they need. And if DC is something you want to do, there is time.

In short. If there is a will there is a way. And being in the Military isn't going to make it impossible to do DC or any weightlifting for that matter.


Thanks for the input man! I guess if you got deployed/were doing missions/ etc you'd have to miss workouts. But other than that, you can hit it hard.


Even deployments aren't overly crazy. I guess there are always exceptions. Right now I'm on Camp Victory, which is a pretty built up camp in Iraq. It's pretty quiet and only a small percentage of the troops go outside the wire for patrols. On smaller camps it will be a little bit different. But once again it depends on your jobs. Either way the patrols aren't going to be forever and you get to come back inside the wire.

Since it's a deployed location you'd more then likely be working 12 hour shifts. But most units allow their soldiers to work out during that 12 hour shift. And although the food in the chow hall isn't very healthy or tasty, it is all you can eat!

What job are you looking into? That would help be more specific.

I lost my bookmarks, but there was a guy who kept a log @ IM while doing DC in Iraq. He also competed in a Natural BB show while here as well. His log is a pretty good read. If I can find the link I'll send it your way. CC showed it to me when I mentioned I was doing DC in the BOI thread.



I'm looking at Infantry in the Marines, if that makes a difference.


His name is Slayermetal7... there are multiple accounts of guys doing DC successfully while in the service. Another good example is Dante's friend Leon who is featured in the DC trainee gallery who is or at least was in the Marine Corps. Off memory he was 6'1 265 and very lean.


Good on ya! I don't know what sort of schedules they keep in a deployed location or even while at home station. The only Marine I was friends with was while I was in the Air Force. He was Marine Force Recon. One bad ass motherfucker. One helluva good guy too. He cross trained into SERE in the Air Force. That's where I met him. The War Room forum would be a good place for advice on that.


Went from 182 lbs over the years to this size(260 area) while serving. Your results may vary :slight_smile:


Slayermetal7... That's it. Thanks, because I was racking my brain trying to remember. Off to re-add his log to my bookmarks.



hell yeah.