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Military Commissions Act

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My Liberty has been taken from me, Today was the first time I cried in ages

Old news.


What will the knee-jerk Bush toadies say, about yet another act that expands the powers of the president? After all, these hypocritical clowns usually say that the federal government has too much power.

Oh wait, that only applies to when the other party holds the reins, I guess. When the GOP runs the federal government, WOO HOO time for big spending and lets grab as much power for the federal government as possible.

Lets see what they claim to believe, versus reality
-Get the federal government off our backs (warrantless wiretaps, secret prisons, end of habeus corpus)
-Limit the size and scope of government (biggest expansion of the federal government in history)
-Limit spending (record breaking spending on discretionary programs, record breaking deficits, raise the spending cap five times in 6 years)

What do conservatives actually believe, because they sure as hell don’t practice what they preach.

This bill says that the President has the sole discretion to decide who is an enemy combatant, and who is not. If the president decides you are an enemy combatant, you have no rights. This bill also allows the president to define what is or is not “torture” even though the US has already signed previous treaties that define torture, the president can now make his own definition.

I think a pretty good rule of thumb on this kind of legislation is How would you feel about it, if it was President Hillary Clinton doing it?

Should President Hillary have sole discretion to decide if you are an enemy combatant or not, and be able to send you to a secret prison without telling you what you’re charged with, or giving you access to a lawyer? Should President Hillary get to decide what techniques are considered torture, and what is just “tough questioning”?

Because that’s what this bill does.