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Military and TRT


Any military members on here have luck getting TRT prescribed through the tricare/military system?


I was originally prescribed androgel while still on active duty. This was, however, prescribed by a Air Force endocrinologist after a pituitary tumor was found and my TT levels were in the 100's.

As far as being prescribed TRT simply for "low T", I can't comment.


Not through Tricare but through the VA is possible.


We have had guys here dealing with VA T ranges that accept very low levels as normal. If you are young, you get the normal for 80YO vets. If you get that issue, you may need to go private.


I believe this is the particular doctors that work for the VA and not the VA itself.

I was actually in range (340ish) for %75 of my labs. Only a couple sets of labs came in under 300. My doc thought i would benefit, Which i did.

So it is possible but maybe i was just lucky.