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Militant Mexican Racism


America Drowns In IIlegal Alien Invasion



These people are confused. I totally understand their position, but it is a smoke screen to divert from the real issue. It doesn't matter today how the US and Mexican boundaries were set, because that is ancient history and does not explain why Mexicans are breaking the law and coming to US States illegally. To say that you have a right to be in the US because it was once your land many years ago is not a reasonable argument.

What they should be saying or thinking about, is why do they want to come here? Why have they let Mexico be controlled by corrupt politicians? They should be asking for the US help and bring to the US peoples attention the extreme poverty that many Mexicans live in day to day. The more proactive approach would be to try and fix Mexico instead of abandoning it.

If they would use all this energy to put in place a reasonable political and social system, then they would not need to come to the US and wouldn't want to.


Not that I agree completely with them or you, but isn't this the Jewish argument for Israel at its base?


mexican/hispanic/latino isnt a race

they are generally either white(spanish ancestry) or native or mixed

only the 100% natives could be defined as a race

i know spanish/italian/portuguese people that are darker than some mexicans i know


The only solution is to annex Mexico.


My wife is the whitest Hispanic woman in the world. She's first generation American (both her parents were from Mexico), and this shit pisses her off to no end.


I'm more concerned with militant Mexican nationalism -- if someone is coming over here as an immigrant, that person should assimilate and become an American first. Being proud of your heritage is all well and good if that's what gets you going, but a citizen of this country needs to be loyal to the U.S. first and foremost. (Which is why I am staunchly against dual citizenship).


The Mexican government is the problem and the only solution.


There needs to be a test given in a reasonable amount of time, language being the biggest part. There are immigrants that have been here along time that speak no English


why does it matter if people speak english, their kids will assimilate more.


Point 1: Only ten percent of Mexico is white. The rest is mestizo or Indian.

Point 2: Mexico deserves no help from the USA. The reason why Mexico is corrupt and poverty stricken is because of the Mexicans residing in Mexico, not the people residing OUTSIDE of Mexico.


I think it important to speak the countries language that you want to become part of. And if you don?t want to become part of it you should go home.


Great point.


Yes, I would agree on the correlation, but it brings nothing to the table. Does that make this or that, then justified?
How many times have we been vroomed(a compliment in this case)about not basing an argument politically on what another has done as justification?

In this case I see nothing wrong with a registration program that is in place to simply track those entering. Why is this even a big issue with the Mexican community?

The Canadians aren't bitching about the same process to the North.


Paul Harvey on the radio said this morning about Mexico, "Any other country in the world with that much tequila and that much oil would have to put up a wall to keep the Americans out."


fuck that, whats stolen is our hard earned tax dollars. fuck anybody who is in this country illegaly. get out, or i'll run you down with my expensive american suv. although the parts where probably made in mexico.we don't need illegal aliens to do our work. we did'nt need them before, and we don't need them now. we will be fine without them, and their disease.


That is a good point.


Its costs money for they or their offspring to assimilate! I mean A LOT of money!


I'm just saying many people that will damn this because they think it's Mexicans just being angry and irrational will, at the same time, support the Jews' claim to Israel on the exact same grounds.

I don't know why this is a problem. I don't like militant nationalism for anybody, and I think the Mexicans might get themselves in a lot of trouble with this.

I'm for legalizing them, and making it easier to become citizens (not dual, mind you, but to be a citizen). I think something that screams, "You robbed us" is going to hurt their chances of being looked on not only as people, but as a big voting block. Politicians won't be so quick to move on helping these people if they are so quick to damn we who already live here.


What is wrong with militant nationalism? I am being completely serious.