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Militant Gains


What routines has everyone used that got them the fastest gains ever in terms of body composition and strength? Like absolute transformation in a short period of time. I know a magic pill doesn't exist I just want to know what has worked for militant level gains.


WOW!!! Tough one. Id say one of the highest for body comp for my. Dropping tons of fat and getting stronger in the process while eating like a damn horse was the full body EDT I did with BIG compound movements. Hell I couldnt eat enough and was dropping weight fast but still made great strength gains. Have to back the hell off after three weeks using Compounds though.

If interested I have a thread showing what I did and Charles even chimes in a few times. I think Its called "My EDT Critique" Or "Phills EDT Critique" Brutal as hell but from Body comp and some strength and for sure endurance qualities it ranks VERY high IMO.



I know some people will crap themselves when they read this but..."High Intensity Training". Specificaly Ellignton Dardens programs from "Big Arms in Six Weeks", "High Intensity Bodybuilding", "Super High Intensity Bodybuilding" and "Massive Muscels in Ten Weeks". I have gained on a 5X5 method, but it took longer with more time in the gym per workout.

With HIT, I was able to go from 145 lbs. to 170lbs. in about four months. I was not a newbie and took no supplememnts, creatine or drugs. I just ate regular food.

I stayed at 170 lbs for almost a year with one full body workout every eight to ten days. ( I was involved in other sports at the time). I then went to 185 Lbs. in another 3-4 months with the same system. I got injured, got fat and lost it all, but that is another story!


Dude you ate more. That doesn't prove anything. For me it was periodisation and 3x fullbody hardcore plus lots of cardio and heavy industry work.



You stayed on HIT for 3 or so months (I'm guessing you had back off weeks scattered in there) and still made consistent gains? NICE! I was thinking about giving HIT a run after I finish my 5x5, then my EDT. So 5x5, EDT, then HIT.


5 years ago/ 10th grade. HFT. Lifting every day, mon-fri & sometimes sat, full body routine, on a "total gym", every exercise, 1-2 sets, anwhere from 12-50 reps depending on the movement, swimming ,walks ,basketball. In 5 months I went from around 10% body fat to 4% body fat. This is just 1 of 2 times I got extremely ripped (150lb).


I stayed on a HIT program for about 3-4 months. When my gains started slowing and I reached a plateau, I kept with the program for maintanence. I did not push myself 100%, and I did throw in some work on a couple of lagging bodyparts (rear delt/calves). I used the HIT approach to keep the mass with minimal time in the gym. I had tried to gain before with protein, weight gainers and eating, so that was not the factor that "worked". I really owe it all to giving HIT a 100% try.