Mile-Race in 5 Weeks: Oly-Lifter vs Cyclist. Fastest Way to Prepare?

Hey guys:

So, a week ago, after a few too many beers, I found myself accepting a challenge from a flatmate (a national-level cyclist) to a mile-race!! He doesn’t do any running, but is regularly racking up 300km over the weekend and probably another 250km during the week. I also don’t do any running, but my sport is Oly-lifting (used to play football, cricket, tennis up until about three years ago).

We are both pretty stereotypical in terms of the build of our sport. He is around 5’8" and roughly 63kg. I am 5’9" and about 82kg. I am far quicker over any distance <400m…But, we’re doing 1600m and obviously there is a significant disparity of aerobic-fitness/endurance. And it’s not in my favour.

So, given that I have only 5 weeks to prepare for this race, what’s the best way to go about it? In short, what is the quickest way to gain the endurance I need for this race? Do I stick to running, and if so, what distances? Do I mix in a bit of rowing? Do I try and do some tabata’s on the cycle machine/rowing machine/thrusters?

I’m not expecting to win, but I don’t want to get lapped, either!