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Mild Test and Tren Cycle

Starting a new (safer?) approach to my test and tren usage. I’ve started 400mg test e ,and 200mg tren e, a week. Goal is to reduce sides, usage and price to minimum while seeing if I can still make worthwhile gains.
Wk 1-13 Test E 400mg
Wk 1-12 Tren E 200mg
Wk 5-13 Cardarine 20mg ED
Wk 2-13 Aromasin 8mg E3D
Wk 3-13 Caber 0.5Mg E3D
Nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomid 100/100/50/50
Wk 1-2 Aromasin 5mg E3D

Any thoughts, suggestions or anybody done something along this nature.

What are your goals? Recomp? You probably won’t need Caber with a Tren dose that low, try P5P instead. I assume you have your AI dose dialed in from prior cycles, or I’d suggest waiting until you have sides. Cardarine dose is higher than I’d run, I get good results from just 10mg/d. Be aware some studies show Cardarine causes cancer (in rats), but FWIW I’m skeptical of these studies.

Im prone to estrogens and progesterone sides. Goals are recomp, Eating maintenance calories with cardio as fat loss, and maybe put on some size. I may lower cardarine or keep uping does till I feel it’s got rid of tren cardio.

I don’t think Cardarine is the best option to boost cardio. In my opinion, it should only be used as a fat burner if you’re trying to get very lean (sub-10% bf) for a competition. There’s much healthier options, such as low dose EQ.

Your goal is a recomp, not a cut to crazy shredded. You don’t need massive amounts of cardio during a recomp.

Well, you clearly know nothing about SERMs. That is overkill.
Drop the Clomid like the hot turd it is: worthless.

Nolvadex 20mg daily IMO is too much. I recommend 10mg EOD x4weeks. Toremifene is superior, but hard to get for most. Torem is best at 15mg every 3-4 days x4 weeks.