Mild Seperated Shoulder

I was wondering when can i start upper body lifting and squating again. I can do push ups without pain. if i ever do get pain it is so mild i barely feel it. Would it be bad if i started again monday? Its been 4 weeks now and at first i continued to lift and my only lift that really was bad, was over head press and front raises, because at first i thought it was just a bone bruise, because it happened playing rugby. I have full range of motion and as far as i can tell my strength is back, i just dont want to risk it. I went to a fast care doctor place because i am away at college and he didnt really give me any time line or anything jsut told me to take medicine for 15 days. so that is why i am coming here. Thank you guys for reading. I also had an xray done and the doctor said he couldnt see anything wrong so im guessing that means it was very mild

An AC separation can nag you for quite a while and can be uncomfortable for quite a bit even after healing completely. I would say to make sure to get a proper warm-up/mobility/activation routine going before lifting, including good thoracic mobility, activation scapular stabilizers, etc.

I would avoid heavy full range bench and dips for a bit longer. Push ups, loaded or unloaded, should be fine as the scapula are free to move and not forcefully pinned down by the bench. Front squats may be uncomfortable for a while as well due to the bar placement.

I’d say for a mild AC sprain, you should be fine to get back into lifting after 4 weeks. Just be smart about things - if it hurts excessively, stop doing it. It would benefit you to add in some “prehab”/rehab based exercises into your lifting as well - focus on serratus, rhomboids, lower/mid traps, and rot cuff, along with keeping proper mobility of the t-spine.

Thank you so much, thats what i was thinking just wanted to here some other opinions. Thank you once again