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Mild Panic, Did I Just OD on Anastrazole?

So, funny story. (For those that aren’t me lol)
I keep my Arimidex on the left, viagra on the right.
Evidently during cleaning my wife swapped them not knowing.

I took 3 and thought man, I’m getting low. (I wasn’t but hindsight - wrong bottle)

so I’m aware the dosage for full blown cancer patients is only 1mg a day, I’m in a bit of a panic wondering if I should be jamming my fingers down my throat.

what say you gentlemen? How is this gonna go? Not going to die or go into any kinda frothing? I imagine my estrogen is going to go straight to 0, do not pass go?

is a quick drop to zero going to have ramifications as far as well being? Should I cease all Arimidex for like a month? Should I take another shot of testosterone tomorrow in an attempt to convert more? Am I safe to train tomorrow? Should I begin drinking a ton more water to offset what I understand to be a difficulty holding water with low e2?

You should definitely stop taking it. Altogether. Probably permanently. You are looking at side effects for probably two weeks, having a beer or two at night will help - but not tonight or tomorrow.


Don’t panc, but yeah, you’re estrogen is gonna get pretty low. If you’ve had time to write a forum post, it’s too late to do much about it, probably.

It’ll bottom out, you may feel like shit, but it’ll bounce back up might take a couple of weeks. I wouldn’t bump you’re dose, just let it ride.

If you’re really worried, I suppose you could call poison control and ask them.

Also you might consider stopping the anastrozol all together, you most likely don’t need it.

I didn’t look up anastrozole overdose, etc, not a doc, not medical advice, Yada Yada yada.

I’m not going to lie to you, you’ll be hating life soon, learn from it and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The question is do you really need anastrozole, perhaps a protocol adjustment will eliminate the need for an AI.

I take very little .25 every 3 days keeps me at 27-30

Higher than I’d like but no way to adjust it any lower without messing with my t dose

I actually just did a few weeks without it to try as it was my hope to drop it. Unfortunately after about 2 weeks I could feel it getting high. Started craving food real bad, got super emotional, short tempered with my kids.

Took a .25 and started to feel better within a few hours.

I did call poison control. Unfortunately I got a guy who spoke very bad English. He looked it up, told me I shouldn’t be concerned regarding what I took, and then proceeded to take my name and zip code for whatever reason.

At least I know or am assuming I’m not gonna die :stuck_out_tongue:

Still salty I wasted like a months worth of anastrazole. That’s without considering what it does to me.

I’ll keep yas posted for those that are curious.

Funny - I had a pretty awful hard on and was thinking wth. Sigh.

Ah, ok, so you took .75 mg. I thought you took 3mg. Yeah, you’ll be fine, if you intend to keep taking it, I wouldn’t take any for a week or so.

Edit: see below it was 3mg.

I’m actually curious to hear how this works out. If it’s just 0.75mg total then you’ll be fine. May feel crappy for a week or two but nothing crazy.

I still don’t know how much you took. From your quotes, it looks like you either took 0.75mg or 2.5mg or even 3mg if you take a quarter tab every 3 days.

If your estrogen crashes (it will be be unmistakably apparent if that happens) and you have access to actual steroids and can get Dbol (Dianabol/Metandienone) it would bring that E2 up quickly (not recommending it to someone who was able to confuse two totally different drugs). Otherwise you can drink 1 or 2 beers before bed (I can vouch for Coors Original 24oz in the yellow can personally) and your estrogen will rebound a bit faster than doing nothing.

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Sorry for the confusion guys. I take .25 e3d as my regular dose.

I cut my 1mg into quarters.

I took 3mg. Last night as I thought I was taking 3x20mg sildenafil.

Had some night sweats for the first half of the night which I haven’t had in many years. Soaked my blankets.

Other than that Jury is still out. Course it’s only been like 10 hours. Feel a bit more lethargic this am but it could be largely because I was expecting to.

I think it takes a full 24hrs for peak concentration and 48 is half life right?

Either way I won’t be touching it again for a good while to let things go well back to normal.

You didn’t overdose on anastrozole… you probably crushed you’re oestrogen… but aside from that you’re not going to die. I took 7mg weekly for years… without TRT… never had an issue with libido, but have otherwise long lasting issues stemming (or I attribute to stem from) AI use

The way people use AI’s is ridiculous, but what’s even more ridiculous is how badly people over react regarding the notion of acutely crashing E2 for a day or two… you might have hot flushes (I had them for YEARS), you’re joints might creak/ache (I ended up breaking my ankle in two places, have screws and significant nerve damage around the area now)… at least you haven’t gotten to the point wherein due to prolonged lack of oestrogen (in conjunction with insufficient androgen concentration to maintain normal BMD) wherein you’re bones literally start to ache… bone pain is horrible…

I find men tend to complain about this stuff FAR more than girls (who use the pill… typically a 19-nortestosterone derived progestogen)… these women don’t complain as much as we do, nor do women undergoing menopausal changes… you’ll get better within a week or two, you’ll be fine… stop worrying… to say “overdose” is an extreme stretch, it’s not as if what you’ve done is lethally dangerous (acutely)

Well it was half tongue in cheek as I didn’t expect it to actually be lethal. However also an unheard of amount regardless of which corner of the web I looked. I think kids on the web are calling it “clickbait”

I know how powerful it is and how little it takes in males for therapeutic effect.

That being said, I always hear horror stories about people taking it too low and I imagine going from a long term 30ish straight to what I assume will be 0 constitutes as such.

I am more concerned about what the short term affects might be as well as how long it might take to return to form. And if anything should be done differently or special to protect or aid in my recovery so to speak.

I have a daddy daughter dance in two weeks. I’d hate to have to do that in less than top form.

I’m aware of it ruining your bones. Ironically I have pagets disease which is one of the reasons I started weight training again in middle age. It aids in bone strength. It’s my understanding it’s long term overly suppressed estrogen that effects the bones negatively.

More concerned of short term joint pain or depression. I intend to do legs today but I read something about too low of estrogen causes your bp to go way up or some such. Just didn’t want to over do it. Also read it makes you shed water like crazy so didn’t know if I should be drinking more to offset.

I’m totally on board with men’s reaction to such things though lol. It’s like the meme says “during labor the pain is so great, that a woman feels almost as bad as a man with a cold” or some such. #truth lol.

Anyhow. Will see how these next few days go. Did my shot yesterday morning so two more days before I can even help myself right the wrong in that fashion.

It can, estrogen aids in regard to inducing vasodialation at rest and during exercise… it could theoretically be classified as a hypotensive agent in therapeutic dosages… aids in NO release and may act directly on smooth muscle tissue to elicit vasodilation. So if you’re prone too high BP, then yes… BP increase in response to intensive exercise may be unreasonably high

Thanks for that information. I am prone to high bp. Dad is on bp meds and mine is ~140 unless I eat 100% salt free and clean and keep very lean.

Of course this comes with the territory and is going to be my preferred way to keep it under control for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately over the holiday season I got a bit fast n loose and am dead in the middle of peeling that back off.

Perhaps I’ll just take it easy today.

You’ll probably be fine and won’t notice anything at all. But, if not, if you are sensitive to E2 fluctuations, as are some here, ask your doctor. You could get some estradiol, about 1mg, maybe 2mg, per day for a week or two will fix it.

Why not get on BP meds?

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I had a similar issue near the beginning of my being on TRT. I usually picked up four 1 ml vials of test(200mg/ml), from the pharmacy, which lasts me 4 weeks. One time, my wife picked up the prescription for me, and she didn’t notice that they gave her four 10 ml vials, instead of the 1 ml vials.

And I never noticed the vials either, because my wife was cleaning, and moved the 1ml vials to the left. So, I mistakenly injected the entire 10 ml vial of testosterone, instead of the usual 1ml.

It wasn’t until the next day that I thought something was different. I was able to bench press 1050 lbs for sets of 3, instead of my usual. Then the next day, my boobs looked like my wife’s boobs, and I had uncontrollable urges to knit and watch the Hallmark channel.

bro DYEL… that’s nothing. I can bench double that amount… using two barbells, one in each hand loaded with 1050 lbs like Larry wheels did with 225 if I recall correctly.

Why not get on BP meds?

eh, i imagine one day ill have to . I’ve had a storied history that made me quite averse to any type of medication.

i was an opiate addict for years and now i loathe putting anything into my body. I loathe being dependent on anything. Even being on T bothers me to my core as the reliance on something else makes me feel like im not healthy.

this is compounded by the fact I had kidney cancer a few years ago, it makes me a hypochondriac. Huge reality check that im no longer young, nor infallible.

ideally id be able to drop the arimidex entirely and take test only and that would be that.

my systolic bp was as low as 116 however this was at 5’10 and like 170lbs well sub 10% bf. I reached 215 after a september-january unrestrained/spiral out of control glutton fest (that wont be happening ever again).

Im down to 201 after the first 30 days, and hope to get down to 180 by springtime and see where that puts my bp. Probably not the 116 i was before, but mid 120’s which i think is manageable. I refuse to even take it atm. After a meal ive seen it as high as 150’s lol.

Since my family has a history of hypertension and stroke, thats obviously going to take priority should it ever come to that, just trying to stave it off the proper way first. Similar to someone pre diabetic adjusting eating habits i guess.

btw, i very much appreciate the replies guys. helped curb the disappointment and paranoia regarding the fat dose of AI :stuck_out_tongue: