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Mild Neck Pain! Suggestions?

Yeah i’ve had this mild annoying neck pain for about a year. It’s not an injury or sickness or anything because it’s lasted so long and is unaffected by any activties I do. What I haven’t ruled out yet, however, is a muscle imbalance. I read in Franco Columbu’s book that pain and injury is often caused by muscle imbalances, and it made alot of sense. My brother also supported it with his recount of how his shoulders were in pain because he wasn’t training his rear delts to the extent of his fronts. I hear neck pain is most often due to the traps being too strong for the rest of the neck, but then that leads me to the question…

what do i do to train the rest of my neck? I don’t care if i have to buy straps or whatever for my head, I just need to get rid of this annoying pain. It’s so mild but it just doesn’t go away! Thanks for your help guys.(hopefully!)

and by the way, I also think it would be really awesome to have a big strong neck. wouldn’t we all agree?

If you can, see a sports doctor.

Any good Doc can at the very least rule out the really bad stuff as the cause. A good sports Doc should direct you in the right direction.