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Mild Cycle Just to Try?

Hi guys,

Has anyone done a very mild T cycle (like TRT dose) for a couple of months?
Would 100mg a week bring my levels from 500 to 1000-1100ng/dl?
I will include HCG in my protocol, but should i also get an AI?
My E level is 116pmol/L (range is 55-165)
My SHBG is 21nmol/L (range is 18-54)

Primary reason is to see if this can help my Anxiety and well being in general, and also some extra gains at the gym would be nice too


You would more than likely require more than 100mg weekly to achieve 1000 ng/dL, my guess is 150mg weekly. Manipulate your dosage to get desired results, the AI is to be avoided at all costs.

You could do this most successfully with Test prop or Test suspension. Both are hard to get unless ugl. This would let you dodge the 6 week of waiting for your protocol to stabilize given the short half lives, but you would need to inject very frequently, every day for prop and maybe even twice a day for suspension.

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The main reason this isn’t done is because the risk/reward is wildly asymmetric. Your gains will be capped at X while your risk is a movement from baseline to Y number of standard deviations. If you’re not feeling well and you want to explore trt that’s fine. I did it and it changed my life. But there’s no going back after a few months. Because what are you going back to? Lower numbers than before, most likely. It’ll be worse after you’ve made improvements to regress.

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Exactly this. The risk of shutdown is the same, but most, will probably see essentially 0 in terms of muscle and performance.

100mg would be like going to the store and buying the same shirt you’re wearing, putting it on and expecting to look better. 300mg is like buying the same shirt but in a different color. Maybe that color looks great to you but you won’t look much different. 500mg is like walking into the store and having to buy a whole new wardrobe because you look like a new person with that 15 lbs of new muscle. All 3 are basically mild cycles.

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Hope you are right. Was underwhelmed by 325.

I’m on 350mg of T and 150mg of Mast and don’t look much different besides more vascular 7 weeks in. I tell you what though I’ll be running 150mg of Mast with anything I do from here on out. I eat horrible and have not gained an ounce of fat. It’s the shit. It’s basically the exact same thing I got from 50mg/day of Winstrol. It seems like one of those drugs that unless you’re already lean you won’t notice much and even then it’s not going to be anything major. Just enough to make out worth it. I’d be curious what the difference Mast makes at higher doses.

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I would not take winny with mast being available. Haven’t taken either yet. I also think being somewhat developed necessitates using more, than someone undeveloped, if on average the gains are going to be similar. Just got a whole bunch of goodies, that I am itching to use. Test E, Tbol, and Drol. Waiting to get leaner to do a blast, but not sure what I want to run.

I am very interested in DHB. I didn’t get any of that, but I am considering ordering some. There isn’t much knowledge available on it, but what I have read on other forums (unaware of anyone running it on T-nation) is pretty much all very positive. Strong primo, or weak tren without sides are common descriptions. No e2 conversion, and low androgenic sides. Lots of sellers mix it with mast, and that is supposed to be the shit.

Masteron at 350mg with 300mg test for me works really well. I’d like try try it at your dose and run it for a bit longer.